Chautauqua Girl, The (TV Movie) (1983)

The Chautauqua Girl, is a lavish two-hour romantic journey back to rural Alberta of the 1920s written and produced by Jeannine Locke. The romance of Sally Driscol (Janet-Laine Green) and farmer Neil McCallum (Terence Kelly), the MLA candidate for the United Farmers of Alberta, unfolds against the splendid Alberta countryside in high summer and the mounting excitement as Chautauqua time approaches. Before the days of Radio, the travelling Chautauqua Tent Show provided the only glimpse that rural Canadians had of the culture and magic of the larger world.

Janet-Laine Green ... Sally
Terence Kelly... Neil
Georgie Collins... Maude
Emily Hurson... Lizzie
Maureen McRae... Mrs. Jenkins
Fred Diehl... Mr. Lucas
Jackie Burroughs... Mrs. Ferguson
Murray Ord... Ray
Douglas Riske... Rev. Jenkins
Gordon Signer... Mr. Norris
Margaret Barton... Mrs. Lucas
Val Pappas... Elwood Lucas
Stan Kane... Mr. Hosie
Bill Meilen... Mr. Such

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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