Tin Flute, The (Miniseries) (1983)

Aka: Bonheur d'occasion

The Tin Flute was a six-part series based on Gabrielle Roy's touching novel produced by Cine St. Henri Productions. Set in Montreal during World War Two, the story deals with a young woman's struggle against poverty and her overwhelming love for a man who abandons her.

Mireille Deyglun . .... Florentine Lacasse
Pierre Chagnon .... Jean
Michel Forget .... Azarius Lacasse
Marilyn Lightstone .... Rose-Anna Lacasse
Charlotte Laurier .... Yvonne
Thuryn Pranke .... Philippe
Thomas Hellman .... Daniel
Martin Neufeld .... Emmanuel
Linda Sorgini .... Marguerite
Dennis O'Connor .... Phil Morin
Howard Ryshpan .... Docteur Katz
Liliane Clune .... Jenny
Janou Saint-Denis .... Concierge
Francine Ruel .... Voisine
Jacqueline Barrette .... Voisine

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, SRC

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