Rona Jaffe's Mazes and Monsters (TV Movie) (1982)

Aka: Mazes and Monsters

Rona Jaffe's Mazes and Monsters
This unusual psychological drama based on Rona Jaffe's best-selling novel. The title for this 1982 Canadian-American TV-movie is the name of a game that's engrossing to four college students: Jay Jay, who's brilliant if a bit eccentric; sensitive and winsome Kate; quixotic, wistful Daniel; and transfer student Robbie, whose affability belies a deep-seated trauma. And it surfaces while playing Mazes and Monsters, a labyrinthine board game with a medieval motif in which the four battle evil forces while searching for a secret treasure. Robbie's continued obsession with his character- the Holy Man- peaks when the group pursues the game in a real cavern, then leads him to a desperate quest for a haunted past amid the subways and spires of New York City.

Aired on Dec 25, 1982

Tom Hanks .... Robbie Wheeling
Wendy Crewson .... Kate Finch
David Wallace .... Daniel
Chris Makepeace .... Jay Jay Brockway
Lloyd Bochner .... Hal
Peter Donat .... Harold
Anne Francis .... Ellie
Murray Hamilton .... Lt. John Martini
Vera Miles .... Cat
Louise Sorel .... Julia
Susan Strasberg .... Meg
Chris Wiggins .... King
Clark Johnson .... Perry
Tom Harvey .... Hayden
James O'Regan .... Paul
Kevin Fox .... Punk
Angelo Rizacos .... Punk
Eric Fink .... Video Tech
Kevin Peter Hall .... Gorvil
Jim Bearden .... Parole Officer

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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