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Do It For Yourself
Season One (65 episodes)

Sep 13, 1982 - Debut. The first episode shows how to replace a damaged wall-plug unit and re-pot a large cactus.

Sep 14, 1982 - How to assemble a component stereo and replace a damaged electrical plug. Also: a look at proper drainage for plants.

Sep 15, 1982 - How to replace a pane of glass in a window and install a pegboard.

Sep 16, 1982 - How to replace a tumbler in a door lock, and how to repair china. Also: a look at plant fertilizers.

Sep 17, 1982 - How to install a thermostat, and how to replace a screen in a door. Also: how to plant a fern in an urn.

Sep 20, 1982 - How to replace washers in kitchen faucets and install a light fixture. Also: a look at potting soil.

Sep 21, 1982 - How to install a new lamp socket, and how to replace a damaged bathroom tile. Also: how to modify potting soil.

Sep 22, 1982 - Today Mary Bellows shows how to put up shelves, how to cut caulking around a door and Ken Reeves plants herbs in a Strawberry jar.

Sep 23, 1982 - Today, Mary lays a rug, installs a fluroescent light in the kitchen and Ken Reeves talks about wintering over geraniums.

Sep 24, 1982 - Today, Mary Bellows tells us all about the fuses in the basement; installs a knife rack and demonstrates how to sharpen knives.

Sep 27, 1982 - Today, Mary strips paint off an old table and she installs screws for hanging a plant. Ken talks about repotting large plants.

Sep 28, 1982 - Today, Mary strips old wallpaper off the wall and hangs a picture and Ken shows how to train ivy over a coat hanger.

Sep 29, 1982 - How to wallpaper a bedroom, and repotting cuttings from hanging plants.

Sep 30, 1982 - How to replace a flapper valve in a toilet and refurbish an old barbecue. Also: how to braid plant stems.

Oct 1, 1982 - How to install a door's peephole and pull-down blinds. Also: a demonstration of plant moisture meters.

Oct 4, 1982 - How to repair a bathroom floor tile, and refurbishing a wooden chair. Also: a discussion of cornstalk plants.

Oct 5, 1982 - How to install a smoke detector, and put new curtain track over a window. Also: a look at slow-release fertilizer.

Oct 8, 1982 - Mary sands a wooden lawn chair, wraps pipe in the basement and show how to clean paint brushes, John shows how to plant ivys in mossed wire-hanging baskets.

Oct 11, 1982 - Refinishing a table, and a discussion of pet health. Also: wrapping moss around a pipe for climbing plants.

Oct 12, 1982 - How to repair a garden hose, maintain a child's bike and plant moss.

Oct 13, 1982 - How to steam clean a carpet and replace a light switch. Also: planting ferns in a jar.

Oct 14, 1982 - How to install a padlock on a cabinet, polish silver and drill holes in plant containers.

Oct 15, 1982 - Mary installs a night look on the back door and puts up a spice rack in the kitchen. She also installs a shower massage in the bathroom. John demonstrates bending plant sterns for character.

Oct 18, 1982 - Today Mary installs a new shower rod in the bathroom and installs a belcro blind in the bedroom. John shows how to air layer a Diefenbachia.

Oct 19, 1982 -Today Mary fixes a plugged kitchen sink and removes stick-on safety patterns in the bathroom as well as installing a towel rack. John plants some greenery in a copper container.

Oct 20, 1982 - Today Mary installs weather stripping around a door and a dimmer switch in the dining room. John demonstrates the cleaning, shining and misting of plants.

Oct 21, 1982 - Today Mary installs a door stopper and repairs a hole in the bathroom wall. She also restores cast iron cookware. John shows how to water your plants properly.

Oct 22, 1982 - How to refinish a wooden table and rid a dog of fleas.

Oct 25, 1983 - Mary demonstrates how to clean brass articles and she and John Reeves build a light table.

Oct 26, 1983 - Host Mary Bellows replaces the element in her coffee percolator. She also sets thermostat on hot water tank, lights pilot and discusses thermostat settings. John Reeves forces hyacinth and tulip bulbs in soil.

Oct 27, 1983 - Mary spray-paints a wicker chair and gives Zeke, the dog, a bath. And John re-pots a Peace lily.

Oct 28, 1983 - Repairing a bathroom plug and replacing an electric cord. Also: preparing dahlia and begonia bulbs for winter.

Oct 29, 1983 - Mary installs a generator and light kit on a bicycle and changes the filter in the furnace. John grows nasturtiums as house plant and salad ingredient.

Nov 1, 1982 - How to make a log carrier and install a cassette deck and stereo tuner. Also: a look at reflowering techniques.

Nov 2, 1982 - How to build a sawhorse and sand a door and reupholster a sofa cushion. Also: a look at planting techinques.

Nov 3, 1982 - How to replace an element in a hot plate. Also: building a garden in an old barbecue.

Nov 4, 1982 - How to caulk a bathtub and replace a damaged area of carpeting. Also: how to plant a terrahum.

Nov 5, 1982 - How to make cushions for a wicker chair and install draft enders behind light-switch plates and replace a window screen. Also: how to grow an orange tree.

Nov 8, 1982 - How to frame a picture, and grow herbs under lights.

Nov 10, 1982 - How to shorten shelf standards, and repair a door's hinges. Also: how to repot an asparagus fern.

Nov 11, 1982 - Today, host Mary Bellows repairs rubber boots and patches an inner tube, as well as installing a shelf in the living room. John Reeves explains how to control spider mites.

Nov 12, 1982 - Today, Mary finishes patching and sanding a hole in the bathroom wall and prepares the wall for painting by masking fixtures, tile, etc. John shows how to propagate begonias.

Nov 15, 1982 - Today, Mary describes the use and safety of tools in her tool box and installs mirrors in a wooden window frame. John shows how to air layer a Dracaena.

Nov 16, 1982 - Today, Mary describes several kitchen gadgets and caramelizes apple pie with a propane torch. She also installs an aquarium. John describes types of plants to put in an aquarium.

Nov 17, 1982 - Today, Mary makes a heavy duty extension cord and replaces spark plug and sharpens the blade on her lawn mower. John shows how to keep small plants from drying out.

Nov 18, 1982 - Installing a home-security system, and propagating a dieffenbachia plant.

Nov 19, 1982 - Restoring an old chopping board and cleaning a barbecue. Also: repotting and dividing a sansevieria.

Nov 22, 1982 - Today, Mary Bellows spray paints her son's dirt bike and childproofs her children's toy chest. John Reeves shows us how to use the dipstick method of checking water in a container with no drainage holes.

Nov 23, 1982 - Today, Mary installs an insulated threshold on the back door and makes a plug for the fireplace. John shows us how to relayer a Reiger Begonia.

Nov 24, 1982 - Today Mary Bellows wallpapers a bathroom wall and John Reeves shows how to propagate African violets.

Nov 25, 1982 - Host Mary Bellows installs a gas detector and shows how to hang louvred doors. John Reeves layers a Pothos and a String of Pearls.

Nov 26, 1982 - Today, Mary replaces the glass in an aluminum window frame and insulates the bedroom window with a new type of insulator kit.

Nov 30, 1982 - Mary Bellows installs a humidifier on the furnace and hooks up the water supply for the humidifier. John Reeves stiows how to control mealy bug with an insecticide formula.

Dec 1, 1982 - Today, Mary installs a humidistat on the furnace and hooks up the power for it, while John shows how to propagate Jade plants.

Dec 2, 1982 - Today Mary makes a trash can lid lock and shows how to clean copper. John demonstrates the propagation of Burrow's Tails and Panda plants.

Dec 3, 1982 - Today, Mary installs a wallmounted fluorescent light and also explains how to eliminate roaches.

Dec 6, 1982 - Mary Bellows installs a full-length mirror without a frame and repairs a mortise lock on a door. John Reeves explains how ground egg shells in potting soil can help prevent fluorine damage on plants.

Dec 7, 1982 - Host Mary Bellows replaces the pedal, seat and tire on a dirt bike and talks about care and maintenance of gerbils. John Reeves forces bulbs in water and gravel.

Dec 8, 1982 - Mary Bellows installs a pulley curtain track and also builds a towel rack. John Reeves propagates Sansevieria by head cuttings, producing a new, all-white plant.

Dec 9, 1982 - Mary Bellows shows us how to pack stemware and fixes some broken wine glasses. She then demonstrates staining an unfinished desk. John Reeves plants a wine jar.

Dec 10, 1982 - How to change a light fixture in the bathroom.

Dec 13, 1982 - How to maintain stereo equipment, and make a pizza omelette. Also: how to make organic insecticide.

Dec 15, 1982 - How to install and use a fire extinguisher. Also; a look at fertilization of house plants.

Dec 16, 1982 - How to childproof kitchen cupboards and set traps and poisons for mice. Also: how to leach plants.

Season Two (65 episodes)

Jan 3, 1983 - How to caulk a bedroom window and install a ground fault interrupter. Also: how to repot an asparagus fern.

Jan 4, 1983 - How to handle home emergencies. Also: treating burns with the aloe vera plant.

Jan 5, 1983 - How to install a quartz heater and make a dolly out of old roller skates. Also: how to repot a cornstalk plant.

Jan 6, 1983 - How to caulk the inside of a window and repair a pneumatic door-damper. Also: how to propagate a spider plant.

Jan 7, 1983 - Framing a picture with a metal frame, and painting a window. Also: growing geraniums.

Jan 10, 1983 - How to change a flat tire, and making a soil mixture for a bird's nest fern.

Jan 11, 1983 - How to be prepared for power blackouts, and repairing a cane chair.

Jan 12, 1983 - How to put accessories on a bicycle and replace the wiper blades on a car. Also: growing the Christmas cactus

Jan 13, 1983 - How to repair a table leg, and using a snow blower properly. Also: how to keep plants from drying out.

Jan 14, 1983 - How to replace an element in a toaster, and eliminating drafts in the house, Also: how to prune a hibiscus plant.

Jan 17, 1983 - Mary Bellows installs a flood light on the garage John Reeves explains uses for various kinds of scented geraniums

Jan 18, 1983 - Mary Bellows scotchguards the living room sofa and installs a shelf in the garage. John Reeves explains the safe storage of insecticides.

Jan 19, 1983 - Mary Bellows completes installation of the floodlight on the garage and installs a rod in a bedroom closet. John Reeves shows us maintenance of pressure spray pump.

Jan 20, 1983 - Repairing plastic items, and replacing the cord on a drapery track. Also: pruning potted mums.

Jan 21, 1983 - Repairing a hair dryer and installing handle bars on a bike. Also: the air layering of a pothos plant.

Jan 24, 1983 - Installing a door lock. Also: planting the white nerve plant.

Jan 25, 1983 - Weatherstripping the bottom and inside of a door. Also: how to T-bud an apple tree.

Jan 26, 1983 - How to maintain a humidifier. Also: preparations for re-potting a rubber tree.

Jan 27, 1983 - Installing ceramic tiles around a fireplace, and patching wallpaper. Also: planting a staghorn fern on cork bark.

Jan 28, 1983 - How to operate power tools safely. Also: finishing the re-potting of a rubber tree.

Jan 31, 1983 - Mary shows how to install wood. paneling and John treats fungus disease on a waxed begonia.

Feb 1, 1983 - Mary changes a headlamp on a car and shows how to change the oil filter and check car fluid levels. John shows the right soil mixture for a Boston Fern.

Feb 2, 1983 - Mary puts a new water filter on a kitchen tap and replaces an element in a space heater. John and Mary discuss vaiiaus kinds of insecticides.

Feb 3, 1983 - Mary sets up a road-racing set and changes the motor brushes in one of the cars. Then John shows how to make a planter for a creeping fig out of an old pot and chicken wire.

Feb 4, 1983 - Today, Mary repairs shingles on the roof and installs a photo cell on a floodlight. John demostrates capillary watering.

Feb 7, 1983 - Mary undertakes some plumbing work when she installs a new faucet in the kitchen sink. John and Mary discuss germinating seeds.

Feb 8, 1983 - Today Mary continues her plumbing work by installing shut-off valves and changing her water filter. John shows how to wrap plants to retain moisture while you are away on vacation.

Feb 9, 1983 - Today Mary shows how to grout ceramic tiles and John grafts a cactus. Mary also has a hint on how to get rid of painting smells.

Feb 10, 1983 - How to install automobile spark plugs and how to use booster cables and a battery charger

Feb 11, 1983 - Mary shows a different and colorful way to stain furniture and completes a bicycle assembly. John discusses the soil content and care of orchirds.

Feb 14, 1983 - Today, Mary repairs ceramic tile and shows two ways to repair a screen. John makes gravel trays to improve plant humidity.

Feb 15, 1983 - How to install a car mirror, and repair an old electric fan.

Feb 16, 1983 - How to use different kitchen gadgets, and install ceiling pipe insulation. Also: demonstrating healthy growth for a dieffenbachia.

Feb 17, 1983 - Host Mary Bellows installs a garage door seal and shows how to repair scratches and gouges in your skis. John Reeves discusses and demonstrates indoor planting and growing of leaf lettuce. Mary has a tip for care of ski boot liners.

Feb 18, 1983 - Today. Mary installs a new light fixture in the kids' room. John demonstrates propagating various kinds of pepperonia plants. Mary has a great device for taking light bulbs out of ceiling fixtures.

Feb 21, 1983 - Today, Mary installs an underground aquarium filter and puts up a new shower rod in the bathroom. John discusses and demonstrates propagating and flowering of Kalanchoe.

Feb 22, 1983 - Today, Mary installs a child car seat John shows what happens when you touch a Mimosa. And, Mary has some helpful hints for rubber jar rings.

Feb 23, 1983 - Today, Mary installs some insulation and a moisture barrier in the basement. John shows how you can grow your own grapefruit tree or your own orchard.

Feb 24, 1983 - Today, host Mary Bellows installs a child guard on a kitchen cabinet John Reeves and Mary re-pot a Yucca tree.

Feb 25, 1983 - Today, Mary shows how to get rid of squeaks in the floor and demonstrates some home security measures. John shows how to propagate English Ivy to make it fill out.

Feb 28, 1983 - Today Mary starts a plumbing project in the downstairs bathroom and John re-pots a root-bound Ficus Benjamina

Mar 1, 1983 - Today, Mary completes the plumbing for the downstairs bathroom and shows how to shorten a door John discusses geraniums grown from seed.

Mar 2, 1983 - Today, Mary converts an old lamp to a new swag lamp and puts it up. John shows how to grow vegetables from vegetables. And, Mary has an important safety hint for knife racks

Mar 3, 1983 - How to stain wood panels, and decorating a child's room.

Mar 4, 1983 - How to make wood filler, and installing wood panels in the basement.

Mar 7, 1983 - Today Mary installs a new faucet in the bathroom. She also has some helpful bahroom hints. John shows how to grow impatiens plants from seed.

Mar 8, 1983 - Today Mary installs a new pop-up drain in the bathroom and completes her plumbing project. Watch for an easy way to make holders for screws, nuts and bolts, or buttons. John tells how to improve flowering on regal geraniums.

Mar 10, 1983 - Paneling a recreation room and installing a vent in a clothes dryer. Also: planting a dish garden.

Mar 11, 1983 - Constructing a bulletin board. Also: growing a New Guinean patience plant from clippings.

Mar 14, 1983 - How to prepare a fireplace for tiling, and improving flowering on lipstick plants and vines.

Mar 15, 1983 - How to install casters on a sofa, and tips for using leftover teabags. Also: how to make a planter for a moss palm.

Mar 16, 1983 - How to install a fluorescent lamp switch, and hot-waxing skis.

Mar 17, 1983 - How to install hangers for a suspended ceiling in a recreation room. Also: improving flowering on a wax plant.

Mar 18, 1983 - Host Mary Bellows installs tne tiles in her new rec room ceiling and puts a drip pan in the upstairs bathroom. John Reeves has tips about fertilizing plants.

Mar 21, 1983 - Host Mary Bellows cuts tiles for fireplace in rec room and installs them. John Reeves discusses fungus diseases on seedlings.

Mar 22, 1983 - Host Mary Bellows installs an eavestrough on the garage. John Reeves uses a funnel to water plants with rain water.

Mar 23, 1983 - Host Mary Bellows installs a water filter in the basement. John Reeves demonstrates a hanger for clay pot.

Mar 31, 1983 - Installing a toilet bowl and tank; and air-layering a rubber tree plant.

Apr 1, 1983 - Included: installing a clothes rod and the plumbing for a toilet. Also: growing gloxinias.

Season Three (65 episodes)

Sep 19, 1983 - How to build a bird cage. Also: planting a celosia in a window box.

Sep 20, 1983 - How to unplug a toilet and clean a car. Also: how to build a wall planter.

Sep 21, 1983 - How to install a mail slot in a door. Also: finishing a wall planter.

Sep 22, 1983 - Hooking up a VCR to cable and operating a video camera. Also: caring for the diplandenia plant.

Sep 23, 1983 - How to repair a garden hose. Also: planting an Impatiens.

Sep 26, 1983 - Installing a children's swing and slide set, and a bicycle rack for the garage.

Sep 27, 1983 - Making a mobile. Also: how to use bags of soil as gardens.

Sep 28, 1983 - Installing a kitchen door, and some hints for the workshop. Also: how to plant hens and chickens plants.

Sep 29, 1983 - Weather stripping, and how to install a dead bolt. Also: uprooting a Mexican fan palm and repotting it in a clay pot.

Sep 30, 1983 - How to install a phone jack, and hints for children's birthday parties. Also: demonstrating a soil-testing kit.

Oct 3, 1983 - Connecting bathroom plumbing and installing a smoke detector. Also: preparing a barrel for use as a planter.

Oct 4, 1983 - Taping dry wall and painting hard-to-reach areas. Also: how to make a hanging planter from a basket.

Oct 5, 1983 - Sealing and insulating basement ducts, and making a bread slicer.

Oct 6, 1983 - Assembling closet organizers. Also: properties of the aloe vera plant.

Oct 7, 1983 - Changing a car's oil and oil filter, and preparing plant fertilizer.

Oct 10, 1983 - Assembling closet organizers, and a look at the aloe vera plant.

Oct 11, 1983 - Installing a shelf and a bar for hanging clotfies. Also: preparing cut flowers for water.

Oct 12, 1983 - Stripping paint, taping dry wall and fixing small dents in a car. Also: sowing oats for pet food.

Oct 13, 1983 - Canng for birds, and using a coconut as a planter.

Oct 14, 1983 - Installing an intake valve in a toilet, and fitting a door handle.

Oct 17, 1983 - Tiling the fireplace and staining the mantelpiece. Also: a report on miniature roses and insecticides.

Oct 18, 1983 - Mary builds some unique shelves and replaces a car battery. If you don't I have a lot of room for a garden, John Reeves has an alternative.

Oct 19, 1983 - Today, Mary glazes an old toilet seat that she has previously stripped. She also does some more drywall taping. John has some good advice for the care of tomato plants

Oct 20, 1983 - Mary installs track lighting in the rec room. John plants a Norfolk Pine in a Chinese egg container for Mary's sewing room.

Oct 21, 1983 - Mary replaces the brushes in her electric knife and then installs insulating pads in the toilet tank. John shows how to trim and get more flowering from your poinsettia plant.

Oct 24, 1983 - Host Mary Bellows starts to redecorate her sewing room and installs some stick-on wood panelling. She also installs a kitchen towel slider. John Reeves finishes a water pipe planter.

Oct 25, 1983 - Mary sews some retro-reflective stripping on her son's jacket and works on her son's bicycle brakes. Even John can't help Mary's dead cactus plant.

Oct 26, 1983 -Today. Mary installs a new spring and chain on the kitchen door. She also puts a new radiator hose and cap in the car. John plants an evergreen tree in the barrel he has been preparing.

Oct 27, 1983 - Today, Mary installs a hinge on her new toilet seat and shows how to re-web old lawn chairs. John shows how to improve the flowering of African violets.

Oct 28, 1983 - How to attach handles to a fireplace plug and some uses for old candles. Also: repotting a sago palm.

Oct 31, 1983 - Installing molding around a door, and making a beanbag doll. Also: disinfecting a pot before planting.

Nov 1, 1983 - Weatherstripping windows, and spray painting the garage door. Also: building a tent for a young spruce tree.

Nov 2, 1983 - Constructing a frame to protect plants from the cold.

Nov 3, 1983 - Attaching a safety flag on a bicycle, and applying stucco to a wall. Also: planting a coconut.

Nov 4, 1983 - Installing a water softener. Also: planting and maintaining a century palm.

Nov 7, 1983 - Making a shower curtain and a window-shutter planter.

Nov 8, 1983 - Installing a closet door and propagating vines.

Nov 9, 1983 - A demonstration of an emergency lighting system.

Nov 11, 1983 - Attaching bicycle horns. Also; separating German inses.

Nov 14, 1983 - Replacing a kitchen sink.

Nov 15, 1983 - Installing closet organizers and organizing a broom closet.

Nov 16, 1983 - Installing molding and organizing a garage. Also: advice on weed and vegetation killers.

Nov 17, 1983 - Installing a slider on a drawer. Also: converting an old wok into a terrarium.

Nov 18, 1983 - Installing a bathroorn cabinet. Also: caring for Easter lilies.

Nov 21, 1983 - Installing a timer for a light switch and repairing a cooler.

Nov 22, 1983 - Installing a pneumatic door closer. Also: planting English ivy.

Nov 23, 1983 - Installing a window lock and caring for a barbecue. Also: erecting a moss pole.

Nov 24, 1983 - Patching dry wall. Also: moving a large plant.

Nov 25, 1983 - Replacing a handle on a hammer; grouting tiles on a fireplace.

Nov 28, 1983 - Installing a garbage disposal. Also: planting a rabbit's foot fern in a piece of driftwood.

Nov 29, 1983 - Preparing a car for emergency situations; caring for a humidifier.

Nov 30, 1983 - Installing a digital thermostat. Also: planting bulbs in a cold frame.

Dec 1, 1983 - Mary Bellows shows how to install a car warmer and she also assembles a new bike. John Reeves tells how to ripen green tomatoes.

Dec 2, 1983 - Today, Mary installs a ceiling fan and John repots a Mum and shows how to clip a flower to improve blooming

Dec 5, 1983 - Today, Mary puts the finishing touches to the ceiling fan, and puts a new handle on a pot lid. John makes a flower planter in a basket.

Dec 6, 1983 - Mary installs a non-freezing tap for the backyard and John talks about Bonsai trees and pruning roots.

Dec 7, 1983 - Today, Mary installs a clock in the car and she also puts a speedometer on a bike. John repots a Bonsai tree.

Dec 15, 1983 - Installing spark plugs in a car and attaching a new handle to a screen door.

Dec 16, 1983 - Planning the overhaul of a bicycle and discussing cross-country ski maintenance. Also: constructing a "scare" snake to keep birds out of the garden.

Dec 19, 1983 - Today. Mary Bellows installs shutters in the bedroom. She also puts a new magnetic catch on a door John Reeves discusses the Yucca plant.

Dec 20, 1983 - Caulking the outside of a window, and installing a circuit breaker. Also: repotting an asparagus fern.

Dec 21, 1983 - Home emergencies. Also: making use of the Aloe Vera plant to treat burns.

Dec 22, 1983 - Installing a quartz heater, and making a dolly out of roller skates. Also: repotting a cornstalk.

Dec 23, 1983 - Repairing a pneumatic door damper, and caulking the inside of a window. Also: propagating a spider plant.

Season Four

Apr 23, 1984 - Taking care of a puppy. Also: saving an underpotted cactus plant.

Apr 24, 1984 - Setting up an aquarium and caring for a rubber plant.

Apr 25, 1984 - Carpeting basement stairs and treating a military cactus for bugs.

Apr 26, 1984 - Constructing a tunnel for a model train and propagating an ivory plant.

May 1, 1984 - Mary shows how to install a car stereo and John demonstrates how to get bulbs to flower after being in a cold frame.

May 2, 1984 - Mary continues to install a car stereo and then installs a cup holder. John demonstrates propogation of a Riger Begonia.

May 4, 1984 - Mary demonstrates how to install a switcher and light boxes and wires the basement bathroom. John talks about Hyacinth bulbs.

May 7, 1984 - Advice on assembling bicycle handle bars. Also: propagating and planting hyacinth bulbs.

May 8, 1984 - Included: replacing ceiling tiles in the kitchen and preparing the living-room wall for painting. Also: caring for a rabbit's foot fern.

May 9, 1984 - Making hooks for a shower curtain and constructing a bulb protector. Also: growing avocado plants from pits.

May 10, 1984 - Mary Bellows stencils a jacket and discusses maintaining a camping lantern.

May 11, 1984 - Included: cleaning and replacing the parts of an aquarium filter and recycling old potting soil.

May 14, 1984 - Constructing a papier-mache tunnel for an electric train set and replacing a car's reflector.

May 15, 1984 - Wiring a basement bathroom and using beans in art.

May 16, 1984 - Soldering a jack onto headphones and repotting a philodendron.

May 17, 1984 - Tips on home insulation—installing windows and magnetic door catches. Also: problems associated with high organic soil are discussed.

May 18, 1984 - Installing seamless vinyl flooring and mending a plant's broken branch.

May 21, 1984 - Installing sink taps and a bicycle seat. Also: protecting plants when moving.

May 22, 1984 - Refinishing a table; plastering and painting a toy train tunnel.

May 23, 1984 - Installing a new doorbell and caring for an amaryllis plant.

May 24, 1984 - Installing molding around a window and sealing drywall before wallpapering; caring for a Mexican fan palm.

May 25, 1984 - Painting trim on a bathroom door and building a plant grid.

Season Five

Oct 15, 1984 - Host Mary Bellows installs a false front drawer tray and John Reeves continues making the bromellad tree.

Oct 16, 1984 - Today, Mary installs track lights. She also landscapes the train tunnel for the electric train set, with help from John.

Oct 17, 1984 - Today, Mary makes both a workbench and a kite. John makes a cactus plant holder.

Oct 18, 1984 - Today, Mary continues installing track lights and stains a bannister. John builds a planter using a large clay pot and chicken wire.

Oct 19, 1984 - Today, Mary and John demonstrate the care and maintenance of garden tools. Mary installs a new soap dish and brings out a new table and cleans up the patio.

Oct 29, 1984 - Making a window blind and wallpapering a bathroom.

Oct 30, 1984 - Upholstering a chair, oiling wood paneling and germinating cactus.

Oct 31, 1984 - Renovating, bathrooms and germinating cactus.

Nov 1, 1984- General car maintenance, and closing up the underside of a workbench.

Nov 2, 1984 - Applying a wall mural and replacing the spokes of a bike. Also: propagating kalanchoe.

Nov 19, 1984 - Host Mary Bellows gives tips on camping and back packing. John Reeves demonstrates growth and care of orchids.

Feb 18, 1985 - Installing bicycle pedals and making a compost heap.

Feb 19, 1985 - Installing a stair bannister and removing slow-release fertilizer.

Feb 20, 1985 - Today, Mary Bellows continued the installation of a bannister on stairs while giving saw tips. John Reeves demonstrates cactus grafting.

Feb 21, 1985 - Today. Mary installs plumbing for a basement sink. John Reeves plants a Tillandsia Bromeliad and identifies a kind of tree parasite.

Feb 22, 1985 - Trimming wallpaper and tending camellia plants.

Feb 25, 1985 - Today, Mary refinishes a table and makes a canopy for a girl's bed. John Reeves puts chains on the canopy and discusses bark repair on an apple tree.

Feb 26, 1985 - Today, Mary repairs a hole in a basement pipe and paints the trim on a bathroom door. John Reeves makes a planter for a bromeliad.

Feb 27, 1985 - Spray painting papier-mache, repairing a wicker table and propagating dormant plants.

Feb 28, 1985 - Installing a screen door and grafting two plants together.

Mar 1, 1985 - Installing a screen door and moving a toy-train tunnel.

Mar 4, 1985 - Installing door-slip catches, putting a sink in a vanity and propagating spreading juniper.

Mar 5, 1985 - Changing the blade in a tape measure, greasing bike-pedal bearings and tending a bromeliad tree.

Mar 6, 1985 - Installing mirrored tiles, repairing an electric train set and tending a bromeliad tree.

Mar 7, 1985 - Repairing a chair with wooden doweling, and making a hanging planter from a vinegar bottle.

Mar 18, 1985 - Installing a doorstop, applying decals to a wall and propagating and watering African violets.

Mar 19, 1985 - Replacing a wheel on a wheelbarrow and propagating and repotting orchids.

Mar 20, 1985 - Maintaining hockey equipment and installing a trip lever on a toilet.

Mar 21, 1985 - Airbrushing a mural and planting a bonsai tree.

Mar 22, 1985 - Making a window blind and wallpapering the bathroom.

Mar 25, 1985 - Upholstering a chair; oiling wood paneling and germinating cacti.

Mar 26, 1985 - Renovating a bathroom wall and propagating cacti.

Mar 27, 1985 - Maintaining a car and propagating plants.

Mar 28, 1985 - Applying a wall mural; replacing the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

Mar 29, 1985 - Installing a swag lamp and flowering a cactus.

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