Billy Bishop Goes to War (TV Movie) (1982)

Billy Bishop Goes to War
A superbly adapted version of John Gray and Eric Peterson's lighthearted musical about one of the unlikeliest heroes who ever fought a war. With Gray accompanying him on piano, Peterson plays 18 different characters- sometimes, thanks to technological wizardry, appearing in two or even three different roles on the screen at once. Billy Bishop's beginnings are shown here to be inauspicious, to say the least. Threatened with expulsion from the Royal Military College, Bishop enlists in the cavalry, which he hates for the ever-present mud. He heeds a drinking companion who tells him "The only way out of the mud is up," and joins the Royal Flying Corps in 1915- crash-landing his plane after his first kill. Though not a great flyer, Bishop proves a ruthless marksman. Bishop's 72 kills earn him an audience with the King- from which he emerges Lt.-Col. William Avery Bishop, VC, DSO, MC.

Aired on Sep 12, 1982

Eric Peterson

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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