Takeover (TV Movie) (1981)

An aggressive Calgary businessman with a burning ambition to cash in on his city's building boom, takes on a Toronto corporation in this complex 1981 TV-movie. Armed with his own development company, Hank Vanderberg figures he needs just one parcel of prime real estate to succeed. So he puts in an offer on some farmland at the edge of the city- land he knows will be zoned for residential use. However, Austin Gordon, president of a Bay Street corporation, is also after the land. And when the farmer accepts Vanderberg's offer, Gordon responds by launching a takeover bid for the smaller Calgary company.

Aired on Oct 3, 1981

Michael Hogan .... Hank Vanderberg
David Main .... Austin Gordon
John Ireland .... Lewis
Allan Royal .... Ryan
Susan Petrie .... Judy
Gilles Renaud .... Pierre
Rosemary Dunsmore .... Margie
Barry Flatman .... Ralph
Lynne Cormack .... Linda
Charles Jolliffe .... Albert
Gordon Jocelyn .... Bud
Ray Whelan .... Paul

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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