Take Me Up to the Ballgame (TV Movie) (1980)

Take Me Up to the Ballgame
Baseball and science fiction meet in an animated fantasy. Beaver's ball club is no roaring success: he's burdened with a team that includes a disgruntled eagle, a lackadaisical cat and a turtle whose reflexes are... well, turtle-like. They're just the target for a slick ("trust me") promoter named Irwin, who whisks them away in his souped-up spaceship for a game against the undefeated Alien All-Stars— champions of the universe. From the opening pitch, the "friendly little interstellar encounter" is anything but close. The Aliens jump out to an early 99-0 lead through a combination of power hitting, unscrupulous plays and shady gimmicks. Finally, when the earthlings are about ready to hang up their cleats, Beaver calls a much-needed timeout to plan their comeback.

Aired on Sep 14, 1980

Songs performed by Rick Danko

Phil Silvers .... Irwin
Bobby Dermer .... Beaver
Derek McGrath .... Eagle
Don Ferguson .... Commissioner
Paul Soles .... Announcer
Anna Bourque .... Edna
Maurice LaMarche .... Jake
Melleny Brown .... Mole

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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