War Brides (TV Movie) (1980)

War Brides
War Brides follows four young women, three British and one German, as they board a train in Halifax and journey to join their new husbands and start new lives in an unfamiliar land. Elizabeth Richardson, Sharry Flett, Sonja Smits and Wendy Crewson star in the title roles.

Aired on Sep 20, 1980

Elizabeth Richardson ... Val
Sonja Smits... Lisa
Sharry Flett... Ellie
Wendy Crewson... Kate
Geoffrey Bowes... Garret
Layne Coleman... Ewan
Ken Pogue... Strachan
Timothy Webber... Willie
Alberta Watson... Norma
Mary Savidge... Mrs. Dawson
Joseph Shaw... Mr. Dawson
Doris Petrie... Mrs. McInnis
Sean Sullivan... Mr. McInnis
Mignon Elkins... Mrs. Warner
Bob Warner... Mr. Warner

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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