Population of One (TV Movie) (1980)

Willy Doyle comes to the big city with two objectives: landing a job and finding a man. The first is relatively easy for the published Ph.D.: she's hired to teach a university English course. The second is harder— not because Willy can't find a man, but because she has three to worry about. One is a smooth-talking student (Nicholas Campbell) who's interested in after-hours tutoring. Willy agrees to help- though she knows his intentions are far from academic. Colleague John Trueman is a more likely prospect. He's helpful, handsome and witty, but seems intent on keeping Willy at arm's length. Most puzzling is Archie, the elderly department head. He's usually gruff- often downright rude- but there are times when Willy suspects he may be a kindred spirit.

Aired on Sep 13, 1980

Dixie Seatle .... Willy Doyle
Nicholas Campbell
R.H. Thomson .... John Trueman
Tony Van Bridge .... Archie
Kate Lynch
Jonathan Welsh

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byc lighthart, November 27, 2007
Wonderful Movie I wish I had it on DVD.

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