Children of The Gael (Documentary) (1980)

Will Millar hosted this hour-long documentary about the turmoil in Northern Ireland and more specifically its effect on the children. In his commentary, Millar asked: "Who cares about religion and politics when you're 10 years old and get your hands blown off?" Children of The Gael was a provocative, frank and moving examination of the civil strife through the eyes of its most tragic victims. Against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery and ancient customs, the division between the dreams and the reality is vividly illustrated with scenes of British soldiers on patrol in tanks and children at play in schoolyards bounded by barbed wire.

Was first broadcast on CKND-TV, who co-produced the documentary.

It aired nationally on CBC on Apr 13, 1980.

Children of The Gael won many awards, including the Iris Award and Mifed Award (Italy).

Will Millar .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CKND, CBC

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