1980 (Special) (1980)

1980 was a half-hour comedy pilot starring Ken Finkleman, Rick Moranis, Steve Kampmann, Andrew Gillies and Caroline Yeager. The series of vignettes attempted to explore what the crew thought were the concerns uppermost in the minds of inquiring citizens. The show took a satirical look at how to get art on the cheap, a look at the power of the Canadian Mafia, the 1980 college student's future, a search for the country's future Olympic stars and a Going Down the Road movie sequel. 1980 was scripted by Finkleman, Moranis and Joe Bodolai.

Ken Finkleman .... Various Characters
Rick Moranis .... Various Characters
Steven Kampmann .... Various Characters
Andrew Gillies .... Various Characters
Caroline Yeager .... Various Characters

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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