Episode Guide - ACTRA Awards (Special) (1974-1986)

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Mar 2, 1974 - Pierre Berton is master of ceremonies.

Apr 23, 1975 - Fourth annual presentation of Actra Awards at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Toronto. The Association of Canadian Radio and Television Artists select as award winners best contributors over the past year in various categories of radio and television performing and programming. Gordon Pinsent, Diane Stapley, John Allan Cameron, Catherine McKinnon and Dianne Brooks entertain. Pierre Berton is host.

Apr 21, 1976 - Live from Inn on the Park, Toronto, Pierre Berton returns as host. Appearing will be Betty Kennedy, Fred Davis, Don Chevrier, Juliette, Earl Cameron, William Hutt, Kidstuff, Dave Broadfoot, Julie Amato and Gail Scott. The Irish Rovers and other Canadian talent will perform.

Apr 14, 1977 - Live from the Hotel Toronto, the 6th annual Actra Awards dinner where the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists select their best. Hosts are Pierre Berton, Barbara Frum and Gordon Pinset. The live two-hour special will include Dinah Christie and Tom Kneebone, Bob Ruzicka, Jack Northmore and Billy Van, and Gloria Kaye.

Mar 22, 1978 - Live from the Harbour Castle Hotel, Toronto. This year there are two new awards categories: Best Children's Television Program and Best Acting Performance in a Supporting Role in Television. Host is Gordon Pinsent. Among those scheduled to perform in the celebration are: Quebec Superkid Rene Simard and the Second City Comedy Troop. Producer Nigel Napier-Andrews. Writer is Alex Barris. Original music by Ben McPeek.

Apr 4, 1979 - Gordon Pinsent is host for the eighth annual ceremony. The entertainment is scheduled to include an opening production number, "The Trouble with Television," featuring Bruno Gerussi, Catherine McKin-non, Al Waxman, and Cal Dodd and Cherisse Laurence; "Here's to Radio," which will introduce The Royal Canadian Air Farce; and songs by Cherrill and Robbie Rae. The presenters include Don Harron, Gordon Sinclair, Jean Gascon, Marilyn Lightstone, Betty Kennedy, Jan Rubes, Lloyd Robertson, David Suzuki, Pierre Berton, Barbara Hamilton, Karen Kain, George Reed and Fred Davis. Jimmy Dale conducts the orchestra. (2 hrs.)

Apr 5, 1980 - Dave Broadfoot is the host of the ninth annual ceremony. The entertainment is scheduled to include songs from Brian McKay, Celine Lomez, and The Happy Gang; a number by the Jeff Hyslop Dancers; and a short comedy film made by satirist Rick Moranis. The presenters are expected to include Helen Hutchinson, Billy Van, Jayne Eastwood, Farley Mowat, Gordon Sinclair, Iona Campagnolo, Juliette, Fred Davis, Joyce Davidson, W.O. Mitchell, Kate Reid and The Happy Gang (Eddie Allen, Bobby Gimby, Jim Namaro, Bert Pearl and Cliff McKay).

Apr 3, 1981 - Host: Gordon Pinsent.

May 12, 1982 - Dixie Seatle and Jim Carrey are the hosts for the 11th annual awards telecast from the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Among the entertainers slated to appear are Brent Carver, Nancy White, Nora McLellan, Charlotte Moore and Don Goodspeed. The presenters are expected to include Catherine O'Hara, Andrea Martin and Al Waxman. (2 hrs.)

Apr 16, 1983 - The 12th Annual ACTRA Awards promises an abundance of showbiz glamor and glitter as it celebrates the outstanding achievements of performers and writers in Canadian broadcasting. Those performing on the program include jazz songstress Cecile Frenette, a 1981 grand prize winner in the du Maurier Search for the Stars, comic Billy Van and singer Doug Crosley. Don Harron hosts the show live from Toronto's Sheraton Centre.

Apr 3, 1984 - Laurier LaPierre, Jayne Eastwood and Ann Mortifee are the hosts of the 13th annual awards ceremonies, at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. Presenters include Rosemary Dunsmore, Frances Hyland, Janet-Laine Green, Denis Simpson, Fred Davis, Mary Lou Finlay and Robert and Dinah Christie. Ronnie Hawkins, Karen Kain, Ross Petty and Dave Broadfoot are scheduled to perform. (2 hrs.)

Apr 3, 1985 - Live from the Congress Centre in Ottawa, the presentations for excellence in Canadian television and radio, with hosts Joyce Davidson and Roger Abbott. Among the presenters are Christopher Plummer, William Hutt, Gordon Pinsent, Maureen Forester, and Patrick Watson.

Apr 2, 1986 - Dave Broadfoot, Pierre Berton, Barbara Frum, Don Harron and Ann Mortifee are the hosts— and the presenters— of the 15th annual awards saluting excellence in radio and television. Gordon Pinsent joins the stars gathered at Toronto's Sheraton Centre via satellite from Grand Falls, Nfld., where a street is being named in his honour. The entertainment portion of the gala features performances by Dave Broadfoot and Ann Mortifee. Gov. Gen. Jeanne Sauve presents the award for Best Television Program.

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