Episode Guide - Adventures in History (Series) (1978)

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Sep 10, 1978 - Debut. "Strangers at the Door" chronicles a European family's arrival in Quebec at the turn of the century—and their despair when a daughter is refused entrance because of illness. Kasia: Elaine Reade. Jan: Vlasta Vrana. Anna: Maruska Stankova. Dudek: George Popovich. Chief Inspector: Jean Gascon. Eye Doctor: Maurice Podbrey.

Dec 17, 1978 - "Teach Me to Dance," a story about the prejudice a little Ukrainian girl encounters in the Canadian West. Lesia hopes to perform a Ukrainian folk dance in a Christmas pageant with her English friend Sarah. But at the last moment, Sarah's father, influenced by growing hostility against immigrants, forbids her to participate. Lesia: Nadia Ostashewski. Sarah: Christine Lilge. Produced by the National Film Board.

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