Canada Show, The (Special) (1978)

Aka: Fete du Canada

The Canada Show was a live three-hour extravaganza to celebrate Canada's 111th year. Top names in song and dance performed at locations from Bonavista, Nfld., to Victoria, B.C. Brought together by satellite, their performances were linked by a variety of ethnic entertainers— people whose origins go back to the Caribbean, Italy, the Ukraine, Ireland, Scotland and Greece. The Toronto segment included limbo performers, fire eaters, ethnic dancers and the Frobisher Bay segment had Inuit singers and dancers.

Aired July 1, 1978

Rosalind Keene (Victoria)
Renee Claude (Victoria)
Wilf Carter (Calgary)
Patsy Gallant (Calgary)
Bruce Cockburn (Regina)
Julie Arel (Winnipeg)
Karen Kain (Montreal)
Frank Augustyn (Montreal)
The Irish Rovers (Ottawa)
Rene Simard (Ottawa)
Tommy Hunter (Ottawa)
Ballet Moderne (Ottawa)
Ryan's Fancy (Halifax)
Sylvia Tyson (Moncton)
Moe Koffman (Moncton)
Denny Doherty (Cornwall, P.E.I)
Nancy White (Cornwall, P.E.I)
Murray McLauchlan
Salome Bey
Maureen Forrester

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, SRC

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