CBC Weekend (Series) (1969-1973)

Aka: Weekend

CBC Weekend was CBC-TV's flagship series in Information Programming when it debuted with the Saturday Edition following the Hockey Night telecast on Oct 11, 1969. The Sunday Edition premiered on Oct 12, 1969. The series was produced in colour right from the start.

CBC weekend had full access to the world-wide news gathering and reporting facilities of the CBC news service. It incorporated hard news reports, news bulletins (reported at any time during the programs, as reports were received), 'hot seat' in-studio interviews, incisive film reports and documentaries (rarely exceeding 20 minutes), live transmissions from sites of interesting stories across the country , top entertainment items presented live from clubs, theatres, festivals, etc, (on the Saturday Edition), satire, "happenings" of all types, and man-on-the-street opinion.

The Saturday Edition was mostly live and in a somewhat lighter vein than the Sunday Edition. The program was cut back to Sundays only in 1970 until the Sunday Edition also ended in 1973.

Charlotte Gobeil .... Co-host (1972-?)
James Eayrs .... Co-host (1972-?)
Lloyd Robertson .... Co-host (1969-?)
Peter Reilly .... Co-host
Kay Sigurjonsson .... Co-host
George Fraker .... Reporter (1969-?)
Doug Collins .... Interviewer (1969-?)
Larry Zolf .... Interviewer
Ralph Thomas .... Interviewer
Trina Janitch .... Reporter (1969-?)
Michael Maltby .... Reporter
Bob Rodgers .... Reporter
Ken Mason .... Reporter
Bill Craig .... Reporter
Norman DePoe .... Panelist
Judy LaMarsh .... Panelist
Philip Forsyth .... Correspondent (1969-?)
Barry Callaghan
Julie Amato
Peter Desbarats
Pierre Nadeau
Knowlton Nash

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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