Episode Guide - Across Canada (Series) (1978-1979)

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May 30, 1978 - Debut. The first film looks at a Newfoundland hospital's program for the mentally handicapped that places the patients in foster homes in the St. John's area.

Jun 6, 1978 - A documentary on the role of the windmill in energy conservation shows how it can pump water and power home appliances. Also, a demonstration of simple construction methods using scrap materials.

Jun 13, 1978 - "Little Mothers." A profile of young, unmarried mothers between the ages of 14 and 19 who choose to keep and raise their babies.

Jun 20, 1978 - "The Nisghas: A Struggle for Survival." Filmed in northwestern B.C., the ancestral home of 2,200 Nisgha Indians, it's the story of a people struggling to preserve their culture and language and involved in land claims with the federal and provincial governments for 3 1/2 million acres of the Nass Valley.

Jun 27, 1978 - "Boyle Street." John Hanlon hosts a documentary about life among the residents of Edmonton's Boyle Street, often referred to as "skid row."

Jul 4, 1978 -"Acadie Between Two Fires." A documentary concerning the Acadian Estates General proposed for Spring 1979, at which a new province will be discussed. Linden McIntyre is the host.

Aug 1, 1978 - "Les Anglais." French residents of Quebec offer their views on English-speaking people who make the province their home as well. Interviewed: sociologist Marcel Rioux of the University of Montreal and editorial writer Marc Laurendeau.

Sep 3, 1978 - "Day Of Sadness." A portrait of the ways in which the American Civil War affected the lives of both teachers and students at the all-female St. Mary's Academy in Windsor.

Sep 10, 1978 - Profiling abstract artist Bruce O'Neil of Calgary. Footage shows him at work in his studio, at home with his wife and children, and instructing college art students.

Sep 17, 1978 - "Sai Yup." The journey of a group of young Chinese Canadians who travelled to the People's Republic of China in 1976 is documented.

Jun 1, 1979 - Season Debut. Tonight Across Canada is from Vancouver and looks at the growing number of female alcoholics, who usually have a double addiction — alcohol and Valium.

Jun 8, 1979 - Second in series Jeremy - Our Very Special Child it is a sensitive and completely frank story of Jeremy, a down-syndrome baby. His parents describe their sadness and uncertainty at Jeremy's birth, then their acceptance of their "special" child.

Jun 22, 1979 - Profiled: union leader and politician Sir William Coaker (1871-1938).

Jun 29, 1979 - "Cold Lake." A documentary about the future of three Alberta towns sitting on fortune in oil,but aware of the price other communities have paid for the boom.

Jul 20, 1979 - Profiled: Emmett M. Hall, retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Jul 27, 1979 - Hosted by Kathy Keefler, tonight's program is a documentary on natural childbirth, otherwise known as
the Lamaze method.

Aug 4, 1979 - "Life at Rideau Hall." At home with Governor-General Ed Schreyer and his family. Winnipeg reporter Ricki Katz asks the Schreyers how they're adjusting to their new lifestyle. The program also takes the viewer on a tour of Rideau Hall, a 100-room residence and several members of the Governor-General's staff are interviewed about the family's likes and dislikes.

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