Horse Latitudes (TV Movie) (1977)

Horse Latitudes
April 26, 1970— a 50-foot sailboat that left England the previous September and was thought to be halfway round the world is found drifting in the mid-Atlantic. There is no one aboard. "Horse Latitudes" is the drama, based on fact, of a 40-year-old yachtsman, Phillip Stockton. In 1969, Stockton enters the world's first single-handed, round-the-world boat race. Not long out of port he realizes he cannot win, so he decides to cheat. All winter he sails in circles near the Azores, in the warm, windless horse latitudes. He keeps a fictitious log book and regularly sends back false navigational reports— supposedly from Cape Horn, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean. But the months at sea, with only his conscience for company, affect his mind.

Aired on Sep 13, 1977

Gordon Pinsent .... Phillip Stockton
Vivian Reis .... Emily Stockton
David Schurmann .... Derek Callaghan
Anne Butler .... Gloria Callaghan
John Bayliss .... TV Announcer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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