Daily Planet (Series) (1995- )

Aka: @discovery.ca

Daily Planet
Daily Planet is a one-hour long science magazine show that brings you the world like you've never seen it before. Host, science popularizer, author, and broadcaster Jay Ingram demystifies the mysteries of science and bridge the gap between the lab and your living room. From movies to microbiology, space to sports, food to hi-tech gizmos, Jay makes sense of the science of everyday life.

The program aired under the name @discovery.ca until 2002.

Jay Ingram....Co-Host (1995- )
Judy Halliday....Co-Host (1995–1996)
Gillian Deacon....Co-Host (1996–2002)
Jane Gilbert .... Co-Host
Natasha Stillwell .... Co-Host (2002-2007)
Kim Jagtiani .... Co-Host (2007- )
Galit Solomon .... Interim Host (2007)
Alan Nursall (Science And The City/Discovery Challenge)
Shannon Bentley (Shannon Bentley's Gadgets/Gadget Grrrl)
Ivan Semeniuk (Starstruck)
Joe Schwarcz (Joe's Chemistry Set) (1995-2002)
Richard Wassersug (Weird and Wonderful Science) (?-2002)
Elaine Humphrey (Small Wonders)
Paul Kaliciak (Objects of Desire)
Natasha Kong (Objects of Desire)
Nathan Divinski (The Numbers Game)
Valerie Pringle
Patty Kim
Sonya Buyting

Original Broadcaster(s): DISC, CTV

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The story about New York dumping subway cars in the ocean Is the most rediculious idea I have heard in a long time.

At first I thought it may be a good idea. Then the part about asbestous not being removed or at least being painted with a stableizer. What are they thinking???

Yes, in open air we use water and gravity to prevent asbestous from floating around. But if you introduce asbestous fibers to a tank or body of water, there is no gravity. The asbestous is free to float around for the fish to breath and the tides to cary. This is a no brainer.

I am amazed that no one tested this or at least questioned what would happen in a near zero gravity environment.

This is so wrong and must be stoped!

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