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The following is an incomplete listing of Ladies First episodes. All are for the Winnipeg version unless otherwise noted.

Oct 26, 1961 - Gerdine Crawford on sewing methods.

Oct 31, 1961 - Highlights of trip to Japan by Mary Liz Bayer.

Nov 2, 1961 - Guest- Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova, Unitarian Service Committee.

Dec 11, 1961 - Kay Alsop interviews Douglas Rain.

Dec 12, 1961 - Marilyn Phillips discusses holidays at home and what to wear and when.

Dec 13, 1961 - Mrs. R. C. Bayliss and Miss Shirley Hogue, directors of Holy Trinity Nativity Pageant, and some of the cast are guests.

May 1, 1962 - Mat Gauer continues her pastry series with a demonstration on how to make pastry for cream puffs. Marilyn Phillips surveys the wide variety & shapes and styles in glasses and suggests how easy on the eyes the wearer can be if she selects the right frame to enhance her appearance.

May 3, 1962 - Guest today is Winnifred Sheeny, one of the leading home and industrial colour consultants in Canada. Her counselling on paint requirements ranges through homes, yachts, hotels, hospitals, schools and factories.

May 7, 1962 - Bill Guest interviews Len Peterson, author of the new Canadian musical, C.O.D., which will be performed at the Manitoba Theatre Centre from May 11 to 26. Kay Alsop talks to Barbara Johnson, superintendent of the Lower Fort Garry Historical Park. Mrs. Carol Slater previews the Dominion Drama Festival.

May 8, 1962 - Molly Ives, who has been interested in the mechanics of elections for many years, is a guest today. She discusses with Mary Liz Bayer some of the behind-the-scenes activities leading up to the big day at the polls. Mat Gauer demonstrates her recipe for veal loaf.

May 9, 1962 - Gerdine Crawford gives some tips on sewing. Hart Bowsfield talks about some interesting aspects of Manitoba's history.

May 10, 1962 - Richard MacDonald, National Director of the Dominion Drama Festival outlines the objectives of this year's festival. Jack Phillips, regional chairman, describes the arrangements that have been made for the convergence of theatrical groups from across the country on Winnipeg.

May 11, 1962 - Kay Alsop talks to Grant Cowan, a member of the cast of the M.T.C. production of the new Canadian musical, C.O.D. The remainder of the program to be announced.

May 21, 1962 - Fun in the Sun. Kay Alsop talks to Kay Rowe, fashion editor for the Brandon Sun, and following the theme of summer fashions, tells the viewers of her recent trip to Barbados.

May 22, 1962 - The impact of the oil industry on the economy of Western Canada together with the importance of oil in the daily life of the homemaker is discussed by Frank Spencer today. Mat Gauer prepares a real children's favorite — mouth-watering cinnamon buns.

May 23, 1962 - (Edmonton) Helen Bentley conducts another class in sewing. (Winnipeg) Gerdine Crawford shows the dewers how to make an evening bag. George Harvey previews the Lions Club's elderly persons' development in central Winnipeg. Mary Bunn talks about the work lone at the Manitoba Home for Girls where she is recreational director.

May 24, 1962 - Professor John Warkentin, well-known geologist and geographer begins a series on Explorers of the West. He starts with a look at the earliest approaches to Western Canada, the northern water route, and the first arrivals at Hudson Bay. Mrs. John Warkentin undertakes some modern explorations into summer fare in the arts, with special reference to the Stratford, Vancouver and Dawson City Festivals, and summer theatre programs in Manitoba and Alberta.

May 25, 1962 - The new British Trade Commissioner, Roy Fox, is introduced. Second guest is Claudia McPherson who talks about her forthcoming attempts to swim the English Channel.

Jun 4, 1962 - Walter Bohonis, a male nurse, his reasons for choosing nursing as a career. Kay interviews Donna Stone, the University of Manitoba's most outstanding woman for 1962. Mrs. Joy Huston, chief occupational therapist, tells about her work at Manitoba's new Rehabilitation Hospital.

Jun 5, 1962 - Some of the visitors to the Canadian Conference on Social Work are interviewed. The Conference is holding its biennial meetings in Winnipeg this week. Mat Gauer prepares one of her recipes.

Jun 6, 1962 - Gerdine Crawford shows the viewers how to set in an underarm gusset. Coin expert Hazel Elmore tells how to begin a coin collection.

Jun 7, 1962 - Professor John Warkentin continues his account of early explorers of the Canadian west. Today he discusses Alexander Henry the Younger and life in the West about 1800. C. L. Crouch of the Illuminating Engineering Research Institute discusses light in the home and demonstrates a task evaluator which has been developed recently to assist engineers, architects and interior designers.

Jun 8, 1962 - Andy Bassett-Spiers demonstrates how to set up and cook a barbecue buffet.

Jun 12, 1962 - Mat Gauer gives her recipe for Strawberry Flan. Marilyn Phillips presents suggestions for fashion-wise summer wear, relating it to her point system of smart and economical long-term buying.

Jun 14, 1962 - Professor John Warkentin continues his series on explorers of the Canadian West. Today he discusses Dr. John Richardson whose scientific observations provided the first thorough study of the terrain, and whose journals are masterpieces of early exploration. Alice Poyser reviews books of current and lasting interest.

Jun 25, 1962 - Ladies First is on location at the Red River Exhibition today. Kay and Bill are given the low-down on Airforce acrobatics by an expert. Kay talks to Pat Little, Miss Manitoba for 1961. Father O'Connor introduces 16 young girls, members of the Williams Lake Indian Residential School pipe band.

Jun 26, 1962 - To conclude this season's fashion features, Marilyn Phillips and Mary Liz Bayer survey the prospects for late summer and fall wardrobes. The program moves out of doors to the steps of the Legislative Buildings.

Jun 27, 1962 - Gerdine Crawford gives us her last sewing hint for the season. Barbara Balbert, a swim suit stylist, explains her work. Vera Fraser, Corps Supt, Nursing Division, St. John Ambulance, demonstrates how to apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Jun 28, 1962 - Mat Gauer winds up her cooking demonstrations for this summer with a spectacular pineapple surprise, and Alice Poyser comments on books readers will enjoy during their vacation.

Jun 29, 1962 - A preview of this summer's Rainbow Stage activities is given by: E.B. Osier, president; Robert Moulton, choreographer and director; Ted Korol, set and costume designer; and Evelyne Anderson, star of the first presentation, "The Music Man."

Oct 31, 1962 - (Edmonton) Mr. McFarland from City Welfare discusses adoption. Jim Schrumm, Jo Everett.

Nov 2, 1962 - (Edmonton) Guests are Merna Liskear, who demonstrates simplifed choreography; and "Mia" of Le Beaute, who discusses wigs.

Nov 12, 1962 - (Edmonton) Co-hosts Jim Schrum and Jo Everett introduce a representative of the Hudson's Bay Co., who talks about new children's toys for the Christmas season. A member of the Adeliners speaks about their up-coming concert in Edmonton and Mrs. Walker, an Edmonton author discusses her new book, Come Down From Yonder Mountain. (Winnipeg) Dr. Guenter Voss, director of Winnipeg zoo, talks about the preparations being made there for the winter season. Harriet Van Slootem, recently appointed executive director, discusses the work being done at the Y.W.C.A.

Nov 13, 1962 - Taking part in a discussion on modern painting are Helen Lloyd, Dr. Ferdinand Eckhardt, and psychologist Marion Wright.

Nov 14, 1962 - (Edmonton) Co-hosts Jim Schrumm and Jo Everett introduce Luckie Binnie, well known in Edmonton skiing circles, who discusses the popular winter sport.
For those who seek an escape from winter, Bob Neville talks about Tahiti and Fiji, and Jo Everett continues her millinery project, a mink hat. (Winnipeg) Michael Gabotti, local manufacturer, demonstrates how leather garments are made.

Nov 15, 1962 - Fashion consultant Marilyn Phillips shows styles for men with the emphasis on fabrics, their weights and texture, and what the well-dressed man will wear this season. Mat Gauer gives a recipe for an easy and inexpensive luncheon, featuring Spanish rice and a quick nutritious salad.

Nov 16, 1962 - (Edmonton) Co-hosts Jim Schrumm and Jo Everett welcome June Sheppard who gives criticism on a book, a play and a film. Jack Lane talks about the placing of furniture in the home, and Mrs. Drever of the Kinettes discusses their club's Christmas candy cane project. (Winnipeg) Continuing her four-week series on hat-making Anne Dowton demonstrates today how to make a hood to match an outfit. Highlights from the art gallery are also shown and Ruth Dyker gives her weekly marketing suggestions.

Dec 3, 1962 - (Edmonton) Christmas fashions are presented. Camera tips are presented by Ross McBain.

Dec 5, 1962 - (Edmonton) The Christmas Bazaar at the Oliver Mental Institute is visited.

Dec 7, 1962 - (Edmonton) Unusual Christmas gifts for men are featured. Interior decorator Jack Lane discusses home accessories.

Mar 4, 1963 - (Edmonton) Actor-singer Allan Carney is a guest. William Jarmen discusses the health of feet, and car hints are given. Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente are hosts. (Live)

Mar 6, 1963 - (Edmonton) Instruction on income tax is given. Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente host. (Live)

Mar 8, 1963 - (Edmonton) Mort Coburn, director of the library it Edmonton, is a guest. Jo Everett anc Ernie Poscente host. (Live)

Apr 8, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. Co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente welcome representatives from the Milk Foundation who show viewers sample portions of the tasty substitutions for common foods. 2. Madelaine Dunkley and Jo finish the headbands of their Easter bonnets and Ernie studies the art of painting Easter eggs. Producer, Don McRae. (Winnipeg) 1. A discussion on the Easter Seal Campaign. 2. Anne Dowton continues with her series of making spring hats.

Apr 9, 1963 - Marriage counsellor Mitchell C. Neiman discusses a recent study of 4,000 marriages which failed. The causes of breakdown from the point of view of the wife, the husband and the marriage counsellor are intriguingly different, and Neiman endeavours to examine these differences.

Apr 10, 1963 (Edmonton) 1. New imported fashions available in Edmonton for 1963 are modelled. 2. Helen Bentley continues her sewing classes. Producer, Don McRae. (Winnipeg) 1. Hatchery owner George Lis talks about Easter chicks and ducklings. 2. Gerdine Crawford offers more hints on sewing.

Apr 11, 1963 - 1. Mat Gauer prepares breaded scallops with a delicious sauce. 2. Alice Poyser reviews publishers' spring lists and suggests some of her reasons for selections of particularly readable books.

Apr 12, 1963 (Winnipeg) 1. A pictorial visit to Palestine with Dr. Edgar File, minister of Robertson Memorial United Church. 2. Ruth Dyker's weekend shopping ideas.

Apr 15, 1963 (Edmonton) 1. Co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poseente welcome representatives from the Milk Foundation who talk about nutrition and food values. 2. Marie Ford, Dorothy Willis, Julian Kiniski and Roger Wigmor discuss corporal punishment for teenagers. (Winnipeg) 1. Edward Atienza, currently starring in the Manitoba Theatre Centre production of The Caretaker is today's guest. 2. Hotel hostess Joyce Donham, describes her work.

Apr 16, 1963 - Marriage counsellor Mitchell C. Neiman continues his examination of some of the most prevalent causes of marital difficulties as indicated in a recent university study.

Apr 17, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. Jack Lane talks about what is new in 1963 in interior design—in fabrics and wall papers, furnishings and floorings. 2. Helen Bentley continues her series on sewing for summer. Producer, Don R. McRae. (Winnipeg) 1. New babies room in with their mothers now at the St. Boniface hospital. Dr. Ross Willows talks about the advantages of this new system. 2. Gerdine Crawford offers more hints on sewing.

Apr 18, 1963 - 1. Fashion expert Marilyn Phillips talks about the many different kinds of gloves—for housework, for gardening, for tea and for formal evening wear. 2. Mat Gauer shows viewers her special secrets in cooking vegetables.

Apr 19, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1.Co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente introduce Herman Flotten of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America. 2. Brian Andrews of the City Parks and Recreation Commission talks about gardening. 3. Details on today's crossword puzzle. (Winnipeg) 1. Dr. Sydney Israels is interviewed about new fields of research at the Children's Hospital. 2. Ruth Dyker gives her weekend marketing suggestions.

Apr 22, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. Representatives from the Milk Foundation provide more helpful information on nutrition. 2. New hair fashions are demonstrated. (Winnipeg) A close look at Royal Doulton China.

Apr 23, 1963 - 1. Mrs. R. F. Morningstar, National Food Chairman of the Consumer's Association of Canada, describes some of the CAC's achievements and current projects. 2. Madame Therese Casgrain comments on another organization in which many Canadian women are involved. The Voice of Women.

Apr 24, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. Chef Cassagrande presents another demonstration on cooking. 2. Helen Bentley continues her feature on sewing for the summer. (Winnipeg) 1. Dorothy Batcheller offers some pertinent information on consumer products. 2. Gerdine Crawford gives some more hints on sewing.

Apr 25, 1963 - 1. Today's guest is Miss Sylvia Demmery, who conducts a school of music, speech, drama and dance drama in England, and who is doing a crosscountry tour sponsored by Children's Theatres. 2. Mat Gauer adds a French touch to the program as she prepares onion soup and croutons "par excellence."

Apr 26, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. A discussion on mental health. 2. Brian Andrews of the City Parks and Recreation Commission talks about gardening. Producer, Don McRae. (Winnipeg) 1. A demonstration of weaving by Mrs. V. Leatherdale. 2. Ruth Dyker gives marketing tips for the weekend.

May 20, 1963 - (Edmonton) Panelists Ron Wigmore, Marie Ford and Julian Kiniski talk about working wives. Jo Everett, Ernie Poscente. (Live)

May 22, 1963 - (Edmonton) George Frost is a guest. He discusses canine obedience. (Live)

May 24, 1963 - (Edmonton) Brian Andrews talks about gardening. Jo Everett, Ernie Poscente. (Live)

May 27, 1963 - (Edmonton) Dr. Hugh Harries, Dean of Commerce at the University of Alberta, is the guest this afternoon. Also on the program. Madeleine Dunkley continues her work on the "Lawrence of Arabia" turban she is showing viewers how to make. (Winnipeg) What can we learn from people in the Orient? Guest is Betty Tomlinson, CBC Talks producer, who recently returned from a five month visit to the Orient.

May 28, 1963 - Some major problems facing hospital administrators and some of the solutions being developed are discussed this afternoon as guests include delegates to the Western Canada Hospital Institute. Topics range from hospital architecture to new methods of data processing and the function of hospital trustees.

May 29, 1963 - (Edmonton) June Sheppard visits hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente this afternoon with a review of the news. Also on the program, Helen Bentley takes viewers another step in sewing summer clothes. (Winnipeg) 1. To emphasize the fact that there's beauty right here in Manitoba, A. P. Hunter shows some photos of field flowers. 2. Gerdine Crawford presents some new ideas for kerchiefs.

May 30, 1963 - 1. Marilyn Phillips presents a fashion feature based on a Personality Appraisal and how one's personality can be reflected in wardrobe, perfume, accessories and surroundings. 2. Mat Gauer gives a recipe for delicious coconut bread.

May 31, 1963 - (Edmonton) Sportscaster Ernie Afaganis joins hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente for a feature on golf fashions and golf lessons. Also on the program, Brian Andrews demonstrates more on that great spectator sport—gardening. (Winnipeg) Emphasis is given to the great outdoors today with designs for outdoor living by Yvonne Morton and suggestions for outdoor dining by Ruth Dyker.

Jun 3, 1963 - (Edmonton) Special guest is Pat Henning who lends his assistance in presenting a fashion show for the men. (Winnipeg) 1. Kay Alsop talks with Mrs. James Lawrie about sugar. 2. An artist sketches Kay and Bill while Mrs. J. J. Lander describes the coming Art Fair.

Jun 4, 1963 - (Winnipeg) Provocative and pressing educational issues are discussed this afternoon by delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Home and School and Parent Teacher Federation, The particular responsibility of parents in relation to schools, is a focus of the discussion. (Edmonton) Some major .problems facing hospital administrators and some of the solutions being developed are discussed this afternoon as guests include delegates to the Western Canada Hospital Institute. Topics range from hospital architecture to new methods of data processing and the function of hospital trustees.

Jun 5, 1963 - (Edmonton) Helen Bentley gives viewers another lesson in sewing for the summer. (Winnipeg) 1. Bill Guest interviews Mrs. Ray Forgay, dental hygienist. 2. Gerdine Crawford shows quick and easy smocking for cushions, hats and dresses.

Jun 6, 1963 - (Winnipeg) Mat Gauer prepares another delicious summer treat in the cooking segment today, and Alice Poyser lines up a sampling of holiday reading of the light and lively variety. (Edmonton) 1. Marilyn Phillips presents a fashion feature based on a Personality Appraisal and how one's personality can be reflected in wardrobe, perfume, accessories and surroundings. 2. Mat Gauer gives a recipe for delicious coconut bread.

Jun 7, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. Special guest is Mort Cobum of the City Library. 2. Golf lessons continue with a demonstration on Irons. (Winnipeg) 1. Outdoor living can be fun says Yvonne Morton, as she suggests new ways to furnish a patio. 2. Outdoor dining can be easy says Ruth Dyker and she gives some novel barbecue ideas.

Jun 8, 1963 - (Winnipeg) Guest is John Caldwell, executive producer for Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Jun 10, 1963 - (Edmonton) Special guest is Ross Henry of the St. John's Ambulance. He talks about the special need for first aid knowledge during the summer time. (Winnipeg) Special guest today is Dr. Brock Chisholm.

Jun 11, 1963 - (Edmonton) Provocative and pressing educational issues are discussed this afternoon by delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Home and School and Parent Teacher Federation. The particular responsibility of parents in relation to schools is a focus of the discussion. (Winnipeg) Fashions for Fall. Marilyn Phillips winds up her fashion series for this season with a full-scale preview of new lines, styles, designs and fabrics for autumn.

Jun 12, 1963 - (Edmonton) Co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente are joined today by Helen Bentley, who takes viewers another step in sewing for summer. (Winnipeg) Guest is Dr. Helen Creighton who has won wide recognition as a collector of Maritime folk songs. Gerdine Crawford offers more hints on sewing.

Jun 13, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. Marilyn Phillips presents a fashion feature based on a Personality Appraisal and how one's personality can be reflected in wardrobe, perfume, accessories and surroundings. (Winnipeg) 1. Mat Gauer demonstrates another summer delight from her own recipe files. 2. Representatives of Consumers Association of Canada review the results of their 1963 Annual Meeting currently in session.

Jun 14, 1963 - (Edmonton) Brian Andrews returns to the program with more helpful information on gardening. (Winnipeg) Two charming radio announcers from Malaya discuss their work on Radio Sarawak. Ruth Dyker suggests ways and means to beat the budget.

Jun 24, 1963 - (Edmonton) Co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente present a special demonstration on Moslem cooking. Jo begins work on a Mexican beach hat. Producer, Don McRae. (Winnipeg) Anne Dowton shows a collection of pictures she has taken throughout Manitoba.

Jun 25, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. The simple truth about smoking and some of the implications for parents and children are discussed this afternoon. 2. Murray Thompson, education director for the Society of Friends in Canada, describes some of his work in Asia and a new facility now available in Canada for conferences on peacekeeping and non-violence. (Winnipeg) Is the family really the heart and core of our society? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What are the pressures threatening family solidarity? What does the future hold for families? Guests are Miss Lilliam Thompson of the Canadian Welfare Council, who has had wide experience in service to families and Cam Mackie who works with a neighbourhood service centre. They discuss the modern family structure.

Jun 26, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. Co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente present a feature on the R.C.M.P. Boat Patrol. 2. June Sheppard gives a month-end News Review. (Winnipeg) 1. Mrs. James Lawrie discusses sugar, currently making the headlines because of the rising prices. 2. Gerdine Crawford presents more ideas for sweaters.

Jun 27, 1963 - (Edmonton) 1. Interior designer Cynthia Coop presents a selection of functional and attractive wedding gift suggestions priced from $1.00 to $13.00. 2. Mat Gauer presents another summer special from her recipe book. (Winnipeg) 1. Mat Gauer concludes her cooking demonstrations for this season with an exotic and delectable Caesar salad. 2. Germaine Warkentin leaves viewers with a full slate of suggestions for summer activity as she and Mary Liz Bayer survey the many possibilities for entertainment across the country in the next two or three months.

Jun 28, 1963 - (Winnipeg) 1. Reminiscences of the past year and some of the outstanding guests who have appeared on Ladies First. 2. Ruth Dyker presents hints to the homemaker.

Oct 14, 1963 - On the opening Ladies First program for the fall season, hostesses Mary Liz Bayer and Jo Everett from Winnipeg and Edmonton, with hosts Chuck Skelding and Ernie Poscente, report on summer activities and outline plans for the regular afternoon presentation this fall and winter.

Oct 16, 1963 - A visit to Austria from both a scenic and a culinary point of view. Mat Gauer, assisted by Chuck Skelding, prepares boiled beef (but with a difference), and Mary Liz recounts highlights of a visit to Austria, especially Salzburg and Vienna.

Oct 21, 1963 - The 1963-64 sewing season gets under way as Gerdine Crawford starts beginners off on a short course in fundamentals. For the more ambitious sewers, Gerdine divulges some of her secrets and shares ideas for aprons. Ruth Dyker, home economist, presents the first of a series about kitchen planning.

Oct 22, 1963 - Co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente return for another season on the show with the feminine point of view. Today, Elsie Kostash begins instruction in the art of basketry; Mrs. Rose Bogoch and Mrs. Inger Sharman talk about the history of the Hadassah Bazaar. Harry Boon drops in for a chat and plays two musical selections, one on the piano and one on the organ.

Oct 23, 1963 - 1. Travels to Turkey, featuring a study of Istanbul in pictures, a look at ancient Epheses, and a glimpse of souvenirs from the first lap of a Middle Eastern journey. 2. Mat Gauer gets into the picture with a recipe for Caucasian chicken. which is sure to be a Canadian as well as a Turkish delight.

Oct 24, 1963 - 1. Madelaine Dunkley begins to draft a pattern for a fur hat, made of lynx skin. 2. Dorothy Dahlgrin, Dasha Goody, Ron Wigmore and Julian Kiniski take part in a spirited discussion of "What is Democracy?" Producer, Gloria Germain.

Oct 25, 1963 - An interview with Dr. D. Penner, pathologist, who has pioneered many aspects of medicine. Of particular interest today is his work with cystosmears. Also this afternoon, Doctor Penner describes his work, and explains how women can help eliminate one of the most common kinds of cancer.

Nov 11, 1963 - 1. Gerdine Crawford demonstrates knitting, blocking, and brushing. 2. Ruth Dyker discusses new models in kitclien ranges.
Producer, Don Robertson.

Nov 12, 1963 - The show with the feminine point of view with co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente introducing Elsie Kostash, who continues her current basketry project, the making of a magazine rack. Special guest is Mrs. Joan Jakes who will discuss a different aspect of the work of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and in the music room are Rosalind Harper and Tommy Banks. Producer, Gloria Germain.

Nov 13, 1963 - 1. Mat Gauer returns with more of her delicious recipes. 2. Mary Liz Bayer talks with Chuck Skelding about her visit to Egypt. Producer, Don Robertson.

Nov 14, 1963 - 1. Co-hosts Jo Everett and Ernie Poscente welcome Madelaine Dunkley who continues instruction on how to make a fur hat out of lynx. 2. June Sheppard reviews another best seller. 3. Special guest is Mrs. Walker Brash, wife of the British Information Officer who will discuss the services offered by this organization. Producer, Gloria Germain.

Nov 15, 1963 - Marilyn Phillips discusses the fall silhouette, posture and relaxing.

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