Episode Guide - Yesterday's Hit Parade (Series) (1956-1958)

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Nov 22, 1956 - Taking part will be soloists Gordon Parker, Wendy Hicks, Maxine Ware and Marsh Phimister and Eric Wild's orchestra.

Jan 11, 1957 - Presenting the top tunes of 1933 will be Eric Wild and orchestra, singers Wendy Hicks, Gordon Parker, Bob Byron and Alvin Blye, dancers Dea Neuendorff, Jill Alis and Ronald Spencer. The choreography is by Mireille Grandpierre, sets by Peter Kaczmarek. Jack Phillips, producer.

Jan 18, 1957 - Yesterday's Hit Parade features music popular in 1929, and headlines singers Wendy Hicks, Gordon Parker and the Altones, dancers Dea Neuendorff, Ron Spencer and Jill Alis, and master of ceremonies Bob Byron. Eric Wild conducts the orchestra. Mireille Grandpierre is the choreographer and Jack Phillips, the producer.

Feb 1, 1957 - Guest artists will be Eric Wild, Dea Neuendorff, Maxine Ware and others. Choreography is by Mirielle Grandpierre.

Feb 8, 1957 - Singer Norma Vadeboncoeur returns as a guest artist.

Feb 15, 1957 - Last program in the series, with Wendy Hicks, Gordon Parker, Bob Byron and Norma Vadeboncoeur, vocalists; Jill Alis, Dea Neuendorff and Ron Spencer, dancers; orchestra conducted by Mitch Parks, and choreography by Mireille Grandpierre. Jack Phillips, producer. From Winnipeg. Program: Smiles; I Don't Want to Get Well, The Bells of St. Mary's; Huckleberry Finn; The Sirens' Song; They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me; There's Egypt in Your Dreamy Eyes; I'm All Bound Round With the Mason - Dixon Line; Indiana; Oh Johnny, Oh.

Jan 31, 1958 - Featuring this week vocalists Roy Joseph, Margaret Neville, Barbara Neville and Marsh Phimister, and dancers Roman Stoyko and Kay Scott. Musical director — Eric Wild.

Feb 7, 1958 - Tonight's stars- the Blue Sisters, Marsh Phimister, Olie Bohatko, Roy Joseph and Alvin Blye. Lorne Wallace is emcee, and Eric Wild is musical director.

Feb 14, 1958 - This week's stars— Marsh Phimister, Kerr Wilson, the Altones, Georgina Pruden, and dancers Kay Scott and Roman Stoyko.

Feb 21, 1958 - Last program in the current series. Tonight's stars— The Neville Sisters, Roy Joseph, the Altones, Marsh Phimister, and Don Murray.

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