Saddle Songs (Series) (1956-1959)

Saddle Songs
In March, 1956, the Sons of the Saddle first appeared on Winnipeg television screens, and Saddle Songs became one of the most popular television shows seen in Winnipeg. The Sons of the Saddle were also heard Mondays on the CBC Trans-Canada radio network. Ernest Mutimer was producer of Saddle Songs, succeeding Barry McCorquodale, who produced the show for the first year.

Lloyd Robertson....Emcee
Bob Willson .... ranch hand
Vic Siebert....Guitar, Vocals
Lennie Siebert....Bass, Fiddle, Vocals
Gene Siebert.... Piano, Accordion, and Harmony
Johnny Allen....Steel Guitar and Harmony Vocals
Reg Kelln
Pete Couture
Ray Warhurst....Fiddle
Arnie Derksen....Guitar, Vocals
Lorraine Siebert....Vocals
Jack Pagent....violin and bass
Connie Holt....vocalist (Mellow Maids)
Wally Diduck....violin
Donna Andert....vocals
Neville Sisters .... Female Vocals
Earl Cummings....vocals
Monty Lavigne....Bass

Original Broadcaster(s): CBWT

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byShelby Siebert, June 7, 2007
Back in the day!

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