Episode Guide - United Way Show, The (Special) (1956-1959)

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Oct 2, 1956 - There will be songs by Chanteuse Lise Roy and musical comedy stars Betty Jane Watson from the U.S., and Yoland Guerrard from Montreal. Pianist and composer Glen Gould will be appearing along with dancers Johnny Coy, Irene McAlpine and Jury Gotshalks and the Brian Macdonald Trio. Comedy skits will feature Max Ferguson (better known to Trans-Canada Network listeners as "Rawhide"), Jacques Normand, versatile Montreal television, radio, nightclub and theatre performer, the acrobatic Edwards Brothers, and other variety artists. Christopher Plummer is master of ceremonies.

Sep 22, 1957 - From Winnipeg, an hour-long spectacular featuring a cast of eastern and western Canadian stars. Program includes "Need Me Where They Need the Blues" (Maxine Ware); "September Song" (Altones); "Mon coeur s'oeuvre a ta voix" from Saint-Saens' "Samson et Dalila" (Joan Maxwell); "I Like Everybody" and "I Remember April" (Robert Goulet); Western Medley (Sons of the Saddle); "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" (Don Gillies Trio); Jolson Medley and "Tammy" (Juliette); "Happy Wanderer" and "Song of the Peasants' Boots" (Ukrainian Male Chorus and Dancers of Winnipeg); "The Great Come and Get It Day" (James Duncan Chorus).

Oct 5, 1958 - Musical tribute to Vancouver's Theatre Under the Stars, marking the annual United Way Appeal. Host is comedian Elliott Reid of the Dinah Shore show. Other stars — Leonard Graves and Betty Phillips, in scenes from "The King and I," the Dave Pepper orchestra, Lance Harrison's Dixielanders, the Chris Gage Trio, Ricky Hyslop's orchestra and chorus, singers Norah Halliday and Jack Downes, comedians Wayne and Shuster, B.C. Lions halfback Paul Cameron, Sam Etcheverry of the Montreal Alouettes, singer Ernie Prentice, Vancouver jazzman Bob Smith, and nine Theatre Under the Stars dancers.

Sep 27, 1959 - The United Way Show, an annual feature, will be seen from Halifax. This show, which supports the United Appeal campaign, will have Dorothy Collins heading the guest list. Others are J. Frank Willis, blues singer Ethel Miller, operatic singer Tomiko Kanazawa, violinist Francis Chaplin, Don Messer and his Islanders, The Buchta Dancers, The Armdale Chorus, and Gordon MacPherson conducting the orchestra. The hosts are Don Tremaine, and Lloyd MacInnis.

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