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Mademoiselle de Paris
Oct 4, 1961 - American star Gene Kelly, working on a film in Paris, will be among the celebrities interviewed by young Parisian actress Mlle. Evelyne Dandry. Others to be interviewed on the show will include Charles Boyer and Yves Montand.

Oct 11, 1961 - Today Mlle. Evelyne Dandry wanders through the artists' district of Montmartre; visits actress Simone Signoret; attends an international university festival; and watches a comic Apache dance in a small bistro.

Nov 1, 1961 - Guest — Lucky, once-famous French model now operating modelling school.

Nov 15, 1961 - Guest — Marcel Marceau.

Nov 22, 1961 - A visit to a night club that was the dungeon that imprisoned the Count of Monte Cristo.

Dec 6, 1961 - Guests — Jean Pierre Aumont, actor and writer.

Mar 7, 1962 - "The Beautiful Neighbourhoods" is what Paris calls the area of "high society" and this is the section we visit with Evelyne Dandry today. Special guest on today's program is Juliette Greco, French film star and singer.

May 9, 1962 - Places of interest to a child visiting Paris are shown today as hostess Evelyne Dandry takes viewers on a visit to the Jardin d'Acclimation, the stamp market, and a puppet show.

May 23, 1962 - Hostess Evelyne Dandry strolls along he banks of the Seine and visits some if the famous bookstalls, a mecca for book lovers and tourists.

Jun 6, 1962 - Hostess Evelyne Dandry attends an engagement party at her neighbour's home in Paris. The program shows how a typical middle-class French family lives.

Jun 13, 1962 - A look at the world of the university student in Paris. The program includes students at athletics and a visit to the Swiss Foundation (designed by Le Corbusier) and other student haunts.

Jun 27, 1962 - A visit to the Place Maubert on the Left Bank where Paris rag pickers and junk dealers make their headquarters.

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