Red River Christmas, A (Special) (1960)

Christmas Day, circa 1890, in a pioneer farmhouse in the Red River Valley will be recreated in this special program. Featured will be Eric Wild and his orchestra, singers Florence Faiers, Paul Fredette and the James Duncan Chorus, with authentic music of the Gay Nineties, arranged by Mr. Wild. Noted actress Peg Stobie will do the narration. Jack Phillips, television production supervisor at CBC Winnipeg, returns to active producing with this show. Florence Faiers will sing Bells of St. Mary; "Wot Cher" (an English music hall number). Paul Fredette's numbers will be Land of Silver Birch. The Long Ago James Duncan Chorus will sing Dashing White Sergeant; Kelligren's Soiree, In the Gloaming, Canadian Boat Song —and a special carol medley. Broadcast on Dec 25, 1960.

Eric Wild
Florence Faiers
Paul Fredette
Peg Stobie

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byDon Chrsitie, December 13, 2007

The Fredette family is looking for recordings of Paul's and would greatly appreciate any leads.

Thank you! 905-337-3300

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