Christmas Letter, A (Special) (1960)

This Christmas Day tribute to Canada's three armed services will be introduced by the Hon. Douglas Harkness, minister of national defence. The three sequences in the program depict a normal day for navy, army and air force personnel and are linked together by a (fictitious) letter home from a sailor, soldier and airman. The program will stress the routine, and often isolated, existence of Canadian servicemen who spend Christmas away from home. The navy sequence was shot aboard a submarine off Canada's east coast and depicts a typical naval exercise in the Atlantic. The army sequence was filmed at a Gaza Strip desert outpost of Canada's UN force and tells of a border incident involving a Bedouin family. The air force sequence depicts an Argus aircraft on exercise, hunting down an "enemy" submarine off the Atlantic coast. Narrators are: Harry Mannis (navy), John O'Leary (army) and Gordon Jones (air force). Keith Lawrence is producer.

Harry Mannis
John O'Leary
Gordon Jones

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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