Stop, Look and Listen (Series) (1960-1964)

Aka: Stop, Look, Listen

Originally hosted by Warren Davis, Stop, Look and Listen was a 45-minute magazine for young people from six to sixteen from CBC Winnipeg. The show was originally in three segments — hobbies, history and music. Geoff Spurll conducted the Hobby Page segment, which also included chess instruction; Cec Montgomery handled the "Manitoba Diary" section, researched by provincial archivist Hart Bowsfield; and Victor Feldbrill presented a series on "Music for Young People." Other segments came and went as the series progressed.

In 1962, Florence Faiers took over as host and a puppet show portion of the program included Florence chatting with Charlemagne the ostrich, Marlborough the dog and a madcap chicken named Genghis — hand puppets operated by Jane Heffelfinger and Ken Babb.

In 1963, the program title returned, but the content of the program had a fresh, new look. The show took a fast-paced format of up to ten two or three-minute items, combining educational material with jokes and fun. The new producer was Dave Ruskin, and writer Per Holting. The program will took in such items as the "Newsmaker of the Week" — an interview with a youngster who has attained recognition for some achievement and another segment had visits to a manufacturer in the Winnipeg area, showing briefly on film how a product is made. Youngsters' jokes were given an airing on the "Are You Kidding?" segment, and "Cash on the Line" revealed novel means for youngsters to pick up spending money through spare-time enterprises. The opinion of the average youngster was sought on another segment, "Point of View." Tying together the segments and conducting interviews with the children was 19-year-old Gerri Styne. The program was seen in 1963-1964 on the national CBC network as the Thursday segment of Vacation Time.

Producer: Don Browne-Wilkinson.

Warren Davis .... Host (1960-1962)
Florence Faiers .... Host (1962-1963)
Gerri Styne .... Co-Host (1963-1964)
Jeff Manishen .... Co-Host (1963-1964)
Bill Guest .... Co-Host (1963-1964)
Geoff Spurll (1960-1963)
Cec Montgomery (1960-1961)
Victor Feldbrill (1960-1961)
Per Holting (1962-1963)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBWT

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