Toby McTeague (TV Movie) (1987)

Toby McTeague
Toby McTeague was a critically-acclaimed adventure/drama about a struggling father-son relationship set in the Lac St. Jean region of Quebec.

Winston Rekert is Tom McTeague, a young, recently-widowed father of two boys, who earns his living as a bush pilot and races champion huskies in a small northern community where annual dog sled races carry high stakes.
Tom and 15-year-old Toby (Yannick Bisson) head off the emotional drama in a strong but tense relationship. As much as Toby wants to win his father's approval he manages to pull off a number of reckless stunts that causes a good deal of conflict and sets the pace for some high-flying action that culminates in a plane crash.

As the story unfolds towards its climactic end — the province-wide race for a $6,000 purse - Toby slowly grows into a level of responsibility which is always in perfect step with the action happening around him.
It's a heartwarming tale that captures the imagination of all ages with its unique northern flavour that focuses on the sport of dog sled racing.

Aired on March 8, 1987

Yannick Bisson .... Toby
Winston Rekert.... Tom McTeague
Andrew Bednarski.... Sam McTeague
Stephanie Morgenstern.... Sara
Timothy Webber.... Edison Crowe
Liliane Clune.... Jenny Lessard
Evan Adams.... Jacob
George Clutesi.... Chef
Hamish McEwan.... Mike Lynn
Tom Rack.... Faulkner
Anthony Levinson.... Peter
Mark Kulik.... Ben
Joanne Vannicola.... Parker
Doug Price.... Announcer
Ian Finlay.... TV Reporter

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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