Episode Guide - University of the Air (Series) (1965-1983)

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The following is an incomplete listing of episodes for University of the Air. Dates may vary slightly for different regions.

Oct 18, 1965 - Preface to Psychology: "Psychology and Science," Part I. W. E Walther lectures.

Oct 19, 1965 - "Le Francais par l'Image." Jean Miquet is the lecturer.

Oct 20, 1965 - Background to a Nation: "Voyages of Exploration." Peter John King is the lecturer.

Oct 21, 1965 - "Psychology of Humour." Dr. W. A. Smith is the lecturer.

Oct 22, 1965 - Opening Doors in the House of Mathematics: "Linear Programming." A math model used to solve complex problems in business and everyday affairs. Dr. S. A. Lindstedt lectures.

Apr 28, 1969 - Topic: the ruler in the Middle Ages (MB). Topic: the scholar in the Middle Ages (SK).

Apr 29, 1969 - The effects of the atmosphere on human activities concludes this series on climatology. (MB) Topic: the condition of places, spaces and things. Lecturer: R.B. Sagar. (SK)

Apr 30, 1969 - Topic: children's teeth. Last show of the series. (MB) Dental Education: orthodontics. (SK).

May 1, 1969 - French: future tense. (Rerun)

May 2, 1969 - Better land use concludes the series on landscape architecture.

May 5, 1969 - The first of six lectures on U.S. politics

May 6, 1969 - The first of six lectures on molds and fungi.

May 7, 1969 - The first of a six-part series on Canadian politics.

May 9, 1969 - A lecture on psychology.

May 26, 1969 - U.S. Politics: an analysis of party influences on Congress.(MB) U.S. Politics: Presidential power.(SK)

May 27, 1969 - Topic: how ants grow fungi for food.

May 28, 1969 - Canadian Politics: the powers of the prime minister. (MB) Canadian Politics: parliamentary Government. Lecturer: Prof. John Wilson. (SK)

May 29, 1969 - Reflexive Verbs: present tense. (Rerun) (MB) French: the past tense of verbs. (Rerun) (SK)

May 30, 1969 - Psychology: classical and instrumental conditioning (two learning patterns). (MB) Psychology: instrumental conditioning, a learning theory pioneered by Thorndike. (SK)

Jun 9, 1969 - Topics: Foreign policy, the race question and violence in the U.S. (MB) U.S. politics: Judicial process and the role of the Supreme Court. (SK)

Jun 10, 1969 - Conclusion: Vision enhancing drugs. (MB) Topic: How molds snare insects for food. Dr. Harold Brodie lectures. (SK)

Jun 11, 1969 - Politics: The Canadian Party system. (MB) Canadian Politics: Reform of Parliament. (SK)

Jun 12, 1969 - French: A review lesson. (Rerun) (MB) French: The past tense of reflexive verbs. (Rerun) (SK)

Jun 13, 1969 - Concluding Topic: The influence of language on man's behaviour. (MB) Psychology: The relationship between environment and behaviour. (SK)

Sep 11, 1971 - 1. Canadian Politics: political obsolescence. 2. The Stage: design styles. (Repeat; 60 min.)

Sep 12, 1971 - 1. Canadian Politics: the decline of Parliament. 2 Canadian political parties and elections. (Repeat; 60 min.)

Sep 13, 1971 - Canadian Politics: political obsolescence. (Repeat)

Sep 14, 1971 - The Stage: design styles. (Repeat)

Sep 15, 1971 - Canadian Politics: the decline of Parliament. (Repeat)

Sep 16, 1971 - The Stage: developing production ideas. (Repeat)

Sep 17, 1971 - Canadian political parties and elections. (Repeat)

Oct 23, 1972 - Violence and Peace: Is man by inherent nature a killer?

Oct 24, 1972 - French-Canadian Literature.

Oct 25, 1972 - American Elections: The Roosevelt-Wilson election of 1912.

Oct 26, 1972 - Newfoundland: New concepts on the origin of mountains.

Oct 27, 1972 - Leisure Time: The value and social implications of leisure use.

Sep 10, 1973 - First of five lectures on the role of archaeology in the study of man.

Sep 11, 1973 - First of five lectures on architecture's influence on literature.

Sep 12, 1973 - First of five lectures on the causes and effects of racism and prejudice.

Sep 13, 1973 - First of five lectures on the Chinese 9:45 Revolution of the late 1940s.

Sep 14, 1973 - First of five lectures tracing the evolution of the French language. Dr. Stephen Day is the lecturer.

Sep 9, 1974 - The 10th season of first-year university-level lectures begins.

Sep 10, 1974 - First of five lectures on peaceful nuclear power from a Canadian perspective. Lecturer: Dr. C.E.S. Franks.

Sep 11, 1974 - First of five lectures on prehistoric rock art of Canada. Lecturer: John. H. Steinbrmg.

Sep 12, 1974 - First of five lectures on investment processes. Lecturer: Prof. Ralph Blackmore.

Sep 13, 1974 - First of five lectures on psychiatry. Lecturer: Dr. Thomas R. Verny.

Sep 20, 1976 - Great Trials of History: The personality and historical role of Joan of Arc. P.M. Swann is the lecturer.

Sep 21, 1976 - Music for the Piano: Nocturnes by John Field and Frederic Chopin. Alexandra Munn is the lecturer.

Sep 22, 1976 - Stress and Modern Life: Physical ailments caused by emotional stress. Donald F. Morgenson is the lecturer.

Sep 23, 1976 - On the Fringes of Science: The relationship of science to metaphysics. T.H. Leith is the lecturer.

Sep 24, 1976 - So You Want to Make a Buck: Factors affecting investment. Murray L. Davis and Philip C. Parr lecture.

Dec 13, 1976 - The genius of Napoleon at Austerlitz is discussed.

Dec 20, 1976 - The Puzzle of Pain: Theories of Pain. The gate control of pain, and its ability to explain acupuncture, electrical stimulation and other methods of treatment will be discussed.

Dec 21, 1976 - War: The Most Dangerous Game: The Death of a Nation Gettysburg, 1863 The Background, the battle, and the results are presented and discussed.

Dec 22, 1976 - The Nature of Children's Books: Past and Present in children's literature An account of a day's browsing in second hand and other bookstores.

Dec 23, 1976 - Violence and Society: The Presence of Weapons. Shootouts, terrorism and skyjacking.

Dec 24, 1976 - The Puzzle of Pain: Psychology of Pain. Culture, anxiety, expectation and other facets have a powerful effect on the perception of pain and the response to it.

Jan 4, 1977 - The work of the artist Picasso will be discussed along with that of Braque, Gris and Leger.

Jan 17, 1977 - National Party Conventions: Bargaining for the votes of a withdrawn nominee is the topic discussed by lecturer A. Flood of the University of Winnipeg.

Jan 18, 1977 - Abstract with Meaning: The expressionist painters.

Jan 19, 1977 - From Conception to Neurosi: Abnormal psychology of children and adolescents is the lecture topic of Dr. Thomas R. Verny.

Jan 20, 1977 - Those Miracle Drugs: Combining pharmaceuticals.

Jan 21, 1977 - Sport in Society: Nutrition and exercise. John Porter is the series lecturer.

Feb 21, 1977 - English in Action: Your Dialect is Showing - What is "sociolinguistics"? What is dialect geography?

Feb 22, 1977 - Personality of the West: Resources - The economy of the west is distinguished by primary resource orientation. A new value and a new status has been given to primary producers.

Feb 23, 1977 - The Complete Actor: Thanks for Allowing Us Into Your Living Room ... Television - Mastering a new technique. The quality of stillness. Live camera awareness.

Feb 24, 1977 - Preventive Marriage Counselling: Knowing Your Partner - Interpersonal perception tests enable couples to better understand each other and also reveals important changes as the marriage develops.

Feb 25, 1977 - The Oceans: Waves and Tides - The theory of tides and their driving forces; how the wind generates waves and swells and the passage of storms across the ocean and how they cause moving wave systems.

Apr 4, 1977 - The Spanish Enigma: The Spanish Civil War and modern Spain.

Apr 5, 1977 - Science Fiction: "The Black Cloud" by Fred Hoyle. Prof. T.J. Henighan.

Apr 6, 1977 - Buddhism and the Modern World: Buddhism and meditation. Lecturers: Kennard Lipman and James Valby.

Apr 7, 1977 - The Origin and Evolution of Life: Development of flowering plants.

Apr 8, 1977 - Microwaves and the Future: Underground transportation using microwaves. Prof. W.R. Tinga.

Jun 20, 1977 - Effective Supervision - Avoidance of bureaucratic control and professional leadership. Avoidance of bureaucratic control and supporting the professional.

Jun 21, 1977 - So You Want To Make A Buck? A series of five lectures by Dr. Murray L. Davis and Dr. Philip C. Parr, associate professors of business, University of Calgary. The what and why of the financial environment. The role of wealth, defined as income over time, in the life of the individual is discussed.

Jun 22, 1977 - So You Want To Make A Buck? - The financial environment continued with respect to what it should be. Since investment involves the sacrifice of current cash for future gains, decisions about investing centre on accurate social, political and economic information.

Jun 23, 1977 - So You Want To Make A Buck? What Is - A look at the primary source of information available to investors, the published financial statement, and an explanation of the principles involved.

Jun 24, 1977 - So You Want To Make A Buck? What Is Not -Information which may be important to the investor in his decision making process is not necessarily included in published financial statements.

Sep 12, 1977 - Western Canada: First of five lectures by Prof. John H. Archer.

Sep 13, 1977 - The Experience ot Literature: First of a series of five lectures by Prof. Marshall Gilliland.

Sep 14, 1977 - Turning Points in Life: First of five lectures by Ed Bader.

Sep 15, 1977 - Science and Archaeology: First of five lectures by Prof. Brian H. Kaye.

Sep 16, 1977 - Money and Interest: First of five lectures by Prof. Larry A. Smith.

Sep 26, 1977 - Western Canada: The Prairie Provinces between 1905 and 1929.

Sep 27, 1977 - The Experience of Literature: Discussing what one reads.

Sep 28, 1977 - Turning Points in Life: Beginning a family. Lecturer: Ed Bader.

Sep 29, 1977 - Science and Archaeology: Examining artifacts with X-rays.

Sep 30, 1977 - Money and Interest: Bank loans, credit cards and bonds. Prof. Larry A. Smith.

Oct 3, 1977 - Western Canada: The Prairies during the Depression. Prof. John H. Archer.

Oct 4, 1977 - The Experience of Literature: The writing process.

Oct 5, 1977 - Turning Points in Life: Changing goals. Lecturer: Ed Bader.

Oct 6, 1977 - Science and Archaeology: Locating ancient villages and artifacts. Prof. Brian H. Kaye.

Oct 7, 1977 - Money and Interest. Personal-investment decisions. Prof. Larry A. Smith.

Oct 17, 1977 - Africa: First of five lectures.

Oct 18, 1977 - Classical Mythology: First of a series of five lectures by Profs. C.W. Eliot and Susan Rotroff, and lecturer Robert Lamberton.

Oct 19, 1977 - Children's Books: First of five lectures by Prof. Margret Andersen.

Oct 20, 1977 - The Oceans: First of five lectures by C.R. Mann.

Oct 21, 1977 - Nutrition and Health: First of five lectures by Dr. Barbara Birchwood.

Oct 31, 1977 - Africa: Colonization. Prof. R.L. McCormack is the lecturer.

Nov 1, 1977 - Classical Mythology: Worship of the gods. Prof. C.W.J. Eliot.

Nov 2, 1977 - Children's Books: Great illustrators.

Nov 3, 1977 - The Oceans: The great currents.

Nov 4, 1977 - Nutrition and Health: Diet and metabolism. Dr. Barbara Birchwood.

Dec 12, 1977 - Anglo-Saxon England: Pagan beliefs.

Dec 13, 1977 - Art in the 20th Century: Abstract expressionism. Prof. David Burnett.

Dec 14, 1977 - Stress and Modern Life: Work pressures. Prof. Donald Morgenson.

Dec 15, 1977 - The Brain: The initial learning process. Prof. Adrian Upton.

Dec 16, 1977 - Celestial Navigation: Plotting sheets.

Jan 9, 1978 - Eyewitness Reliability and Perceiving: After demonstrating the basic unreliability of eyewitness testimony, perceptual processing will be explained in relation to the eyewitness.

Jan 10, 1978 - Tools: This is largely a lecture devoted to the tools and machines in use by the ancient craftsman. Some of them are very much in the modern idiom (for example, the tools of the modern mason are very much those of his ancient counterpart), some are ingeniously different.

Jan 11, 1978 - Baroque and Beyond: Johann Kuhnau: Biblical Sonata V; George Frederick Handel: Suite V; Demonico Scarlatti: Sonata bongo 238; Padre Antonio Soler: Sonata in B minor; Mateo Albeniz: Sonata in D major.

Jan 12, 1978 - Abraham: Did Abraham found the Jewish faith: Abraham in the Biblical narrative; compared with other models as the example of Judaic religiosity. Midrashic transmutations of the Abraham-model. Abraham as a Christian model; as the first Muslim and as a 20-century definition of Judaism.

Jan 13, 1978 - The Urge to Classify: There is an urge to classify for by classifying we understand and in understanding there is knowledge of our natural resources and factors which are inimicable or beneficial to our health, our livelihood and to our existence.

Jan 23, 1978 - The Eyewitness - Recent research, conducted by the authors and others, will be discussed, in relation to how better questioning techniques can be employee.

Jan 24, 1978 - Fantasy and Reality. The professors of the Museum of Alexandria - the ultimate in state-supported eggheads. Models - temple door openers, other 'miraculous' effects designed to awe the worshipper and created by pneumatic and hydraulic devices. The long divirce - no interplay Science/Technology. Scientist an intellectual a philosopher-technologist - some poor man bent over his anvil all day.

Jan 25, 1978 - Moments Musicaux: Franz Schubert: Moments Musicaux. Op. 94. No. 2 and No. 3. Sergei Rachmaninoff: Moments Musicaux, Op. 16, No. 5, No. 4and No. 6.

Jan 26, 1978 - Mohammed - Mohammed of Arabia; in the tradition; Sunni and Shia conceptualizations of the Prophet. The Sufi conceptualization of Mohammed. Al Ghazali's conception of Mohammed as the living definition of medieval Islam. Mohammed as universal Man in 20th-century Islam.

Jan 27, 1978 - Evolution and Creation: The purpose of this lecture is to put the theory of evolution in its proper perspective, including pre-Darwinian and post-Darwinian theories. Discussed is Creation and it is shown that creation and evolution are not in opposition and not contradictory.

Mar 27, 1978 - Wilderness Education and Skills: Wilderness First Aid - Discussed is the importance of first-aid in the wilderness where a physician or hospital is usually inaccessible.

Mar 28, 1978 - Man Shapes His World -The Earth's Surface: A reflection of Man's culture. Discussed will be the world pattern and location of language groups, and the effect of language on the land.

Mar 29, 1978 - Shakespeare's Theatres: Blackfriars and The Private Theatres - Shakespeare at the Blackfriars. The Phoenix and the Salisbury Court. New evidence about their structure.

Mar 30, 1978 - Psychology of Aging, Dying and Death: The Later Years - Explored are the effects of aging, retirement, the death of friends, widowhood and physiological changes upon attitudes toward the self, life and behaviours.

Mar 31, 1978 - Archaeology of British Columbia - Florescence and Decline, A.D. 1 - 1800. Discussed is regionalization which began in the Middle Period and became more pronounced, resulting in a number of regional cultural traditions.

Apr 3, 1978 - Man Shapes His world: Mental maps and regional stereotypes.

Apr 4, 1978 - Shakespeare's Theatres: Stage productions during the Restoration. Last of five lectures.

Apr 5, 1978 - The Psychology of Aging, Dying and Death: "The Dying Person."

Apr 6, 1978 - Archaeology of British Columbia. Indians today. Last of five lectures.

Apr 7, 1978 - Wilderness Education and Skills: Survival techniques. Last lecture.

Apr 17, 1978 - Great Trials in History: Joan of Arc.

Apr 18, 1978 - Nineteenth Century Western Drawing: Draftsman George E. Finlay

Apr 19, 1978 - Morality and Creativity in Human Society: A look at spirit possession.

Apr 20, 1978 - Language of Cells: The internal structure of the cell, Prof. David Inman.

Apr 21, 1978 - Science Fiction: "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells, Prof. T.J. Henighan.

Apr 24, 1978 - Great Trials: The Boston Massacre. Geoffrey Bilson.

Apr 25, 1978 - Nineteenth Century Western Drawing: The landscapes of William Jacob Hays. Prof. Eric Dodd.

Apr 26, 1978 - Morality and Creativity in Human Society: Forms of psychosis. Prof: D. Allan Aycock is the lecturer.

Apr 27, 1978 - The Language of Cells: Hormones.

Apr 28, 1978 - Science Fiction: "Tarzan of the Apes." Prof. T.J. Henighan.

May 1, 1978 - Science Fiction: The Promethean Imagination Tarzan of the Apes. Today's lecture covers the urban dream of the primitive; popular Darwinism and the myth of struggle; snobbery and the archetype of the hero as portrayed in literature, films and comics.

May 2, 1978 - Great Trials in History -Marie Antoinette: Victim of Revolution - Examined is the trial of Marie Antoinette who was accused of betrayal of the French Revolution.

May 4, 1978 - Morality and Creativity in Human Societies - An Anthropology of Spirit Possession - This lecture deals with the different aspects of witches.

May 5, 1978 - The Language of Cells -Language of Nerves Examined is how information is exchanged by the nervous system.

May 8, 1978 - Great Trials: Louis Riel. Prof. T.D. Regehr is the lecturer.

May 9, 1978 - Nineteenth Century Western Drawing: The watercolors of William Armstrong.

May 10, 1978 - Morality and Creativity in Human Society: Christianity and Buddhism.

May 11, 1978 - The Language of Cells: "Cells and the Outside World." Prof. David Inman.

May 12, 1978 - Science Fiction: "The Black Cloud." Prof. T.J. Henighan.

May 29, 1978 - The Spanish Enigma-. "Don Quixote" and "Le Cid." A lecture by Prof. Stephen Harrison.

May 30, 1978 - The Faces of Renaissance Man: "The Origin of English Satire."

May 31, 1978 - Love in the Western World: "Courtly Love and 'The Divine Comedy'"

Jun 1, 1978 - The Puzzle of Pain: "The Physiology of Pain." Prof. Ronald Melzack.

Jun 2, 1978 - Those Miracle Drugs: The rising cost of drugs. Prof. Charles Heath.

Jun 5, 1978 - The Spanish Enigma: South America's multicultural heritage. Prof. Stephen Harrison is the lecturer.

Jun 6, 1978 - The Faces of Renaissance Man: The Renaissance Man of Faith - This program will deal with scepticism which resulted in attacks upon the Renaissance society which in turn gave rise to a new, tasteless bourgeoise bringing an explosion of satire to England which culminated in the works of Ben Jonson.

Jun 7, 1978 - Love in the Western World: Renaissance Love: Shakespeare's King Lear - Discussed today is King Lear, one of the first 'modern' works of love.

Jun 8, 1978 - The Puzzle of Pain: Theories of Pain. The physiology of pain is more complex than first thought. Today, newer theories will be described and the gate control of pain with its ability to explain acupuncture, electrical stimulation, and other methods of treatment will be discussed.

Jun 9, 1978 - Those Miracle Drugs: Dangerous drug combinations. Prof. Charles Heath is the lecturer.

Oct 23, 1978 - "What's In The Food You Eat: Safety Of The Canadian Foods"

Oct 24, 1978 - "Understanding China: China, The Historical Past"

Oct 25, 1978 - "All Write: Making Choices"

Oct 26, 1978 - "Human Aggression: The Pattern Of War And Aggression."

Oct 27, 1978 - "Fossil Ferns in Sydney Coalfield: Confusion In Ferns - Seeds Or Spores."

Dec 18, 1978 - Last of five lectures on the crusades.

Dec 19, 1978 - Directions in Modern Theater: Silence and gesture. Prof. Arthur Moyter.

Dec 20, 1978 - Last of five lectures on education in a multicultural society.

Dec 21, 1978 - The Language of Cells: "Cells and the Outside World." Prof. David Inman.

Dec 22, 1978 - Last of five lectures on continuing education. Prof. Marie-Andree Bertrand.

Dec 25, 1978 - Man Shapes His World: Measurement in geography. First of five lectures by Prof. L.A. Rosenvall.

Dec 26, 1978 - Sing We and Chant It: "The Banks of Loch Erin." First of five lectures on arranging Canadian folk songs.

Dec 27, 1978 - Turning Points in Life: First of five lectures by Ed Bader.

Dec 28, 1978 - Lessons from the Life Sciences: First of five lectures by Prof. F.A. Aldrich.

Dec 29, 1978 - First of five lectures on gardening in apartments. David Tarrant lectures.

Jan 8, 1979 - "Gardening For Apartment People: High-Rise Houseplants (Part 1)"

Jan 9, 1979 - "Man Shapes His World: Global Strategies And Geopolitics"

Jan 10, 1979 - "Sing And We Chant It: Les Raftmen"

Jan 11, 1979 - "Lessons From The Life Science: The Urge To Classify."

Jan 12, 1979 - "Gardening For Apartment People: High-Rise Houseplants (Part 2)"

Jan 22, 1979 - "Gardening For Apartment People: The Balcony Garden"

Jan 23, 1979 - "Man Shapes His World: The View From Within"

Jan 24, 1979 - "Sing And We Chant It: She's Like The Swallow"

Jan 25, 1979 - "Turning Points in Life."

Jan 26, 1979 - "Lessons from Life Sciences"

Jan 29, 1979 - "Gardening For Apartment People. Garden In A Bottle"

Jan 30, 1979 - "Africa, Historical Perspectives On A Troubled Continent: Old Africa"

Jan 31, 1979 - "Shakespeare's Theatres: The Theatres And The City Of London"

Feb 1, 1979 - Religious Discrimination in Canada

Feb 2, 1979 - Causes of Cancer

Feb 5, 1979 - "The Non-Traditional Approach To Psychotherapies: Transactional Analysis"

Feb 6, 1979 - "Africa, Historical Perspectives On A Troubled Continent: The Coming Of The Europeans And The Slave Trade"

Feb 7, 1979 - "Shakespeare's Theatres: The Theatre And The Globe"

Feb 8, 1979 - Religious Discrimination in Canada

Feb 9, 1979 - Causes of Cancer

Mar 12, 1979 - War, the Most Dangerous Game. The Battle of Lobositz in the Seven Years' War. Prof. K. C. Taylor is the lecturer.

Mar 13, 1979 - From Frontier to Urban Wilderness. Ontario towns in 1900.

Mar 14, 1979 - Human Rights and Civil Disobedience: Bills of rights. Prof. C.E.S. Franks.

Mar 15, 1979 - Cancer Chemotherapy: The cancer cell. Prof. Carol E. Cass.

Mar 16, 1979 - So You Want to Make an Investment?: Sources of information.

Apr 2, 1979 - War, the Most Dangerous Game: El Alamein. Last of five lectures.

Apr 3, 1979 - The last of five lectures on human rights and civil disobedience.

Apr 4, 1979 - The last of five lectures on human rights and civil disobedience. Prof. C.E.S. Franks.

Apr 5, 1979 - Last of five lectures on cancer chemotherapy. Prof. Carol E. Cass.

Apr 6, 1979 - Last of five lectures on financial investments. Profs. Murray L. Davis and Philip C. Parr.

Apr 9, 1979 - So You Want to Make an Investment: Lets Make a Deal - This lecture is designed to put it all together for the now reasonably informed investor.

Apr 10, 1979 - Anglo Saxon England. A series of five lectures by Dr. Raymond Grant, Associate Professor of English, University of Alberta.

Apr 13, 1979 - Anglo-Saxon England: Pagan beliefs.

Apr 14, 1979 - The Art of Landscape: "Nationalism and Landscape." Prof. David Burnett.

Apr 15, 1979 - Part 4 of a five-part lecture series on the human body.

Apr 16, 1979 - The Rest in Peace?: "Death in the Christian Tradition." Prof. R.D. Morton is the lecturer.

Apr 17, 1979 - The Quest for Minerals: Canada's natural resources.

Apr 23, 1979 - Anglo-Saxon England: The Viking raids. Prof. Raymond Grant.

Apr 24, 1979 - Third of five lectures on landscape art.

Apr 25, 1979 - Third of five lectures on the human body. John Corlett lectures.

Apr 26, 1979 - The quest for minerals: Using the microscope. Prof. R.D. Morton.

Apr 27, 1979 - The Rest in Peace? Life After Death. Peter T. Horban lectures.

May 7, 1979 - Anglo-Saxon England: The Battle of Hastings. Prof. Raymond Grant.

May 8, 1979 - The Art of Landscape: "The Inner Landscape." Prof. David Burnett.

May 9, 1979 - The last of five lectures on the human body. John Corlett lectures.

May 10, 1979 - The Quest for Minerals: Techniques used in the search.

May 11, 1979 - The Rest in Peace?: "Living in the Light of Death."

Sep 10, 1979 - First of five lectures on South Africa and apartheid.

Sep 11, 1979 - First of five lectures on maritime realist painting.

Sep 12, 1979 - First ot live lectures on children's play. Lecturer: Dr. Joseph Levy.

Sep 13, 1979 - First of five lectures on cardiovascular diseases. Lecturer: Dr. E.D. Wigle.

Sep 14, 1979 - First of five lectures on the evolution of geometrical thought.

Oct 8, 1979 - The Evolution of Geometrical Thought: Exploring Higher Dimension. A look at coordinate systems, lines, planes, hyperplanes and hypersurfaces.

Oct 9, 1979 - South African Apartheid. Topics covered include world opinion, the African option and the alternatives for tomorrow.

Oct 10, 1979 - Maritime Realist Painting: The Realist Goal. This final lecture will draw conclusions about the achievements of the Realist Painters of the Maritimes.

Oct 11, 1979 - Children's Play. An overview of the people who have influenced and shaped our understanding of children's play.

Oct 12, 1979 - Cardiovascular Diseases.

Oct 15, 1979 - The Evolution Of Geometrical Thought: From maps to manifolds.

Oct 16, 1979 - History of Atlantic Canada. A series of five lectures by Dr. Margaret Conrad of Acadia University. Today: The First Colonial Era, 1600-1864.

Oct 17, 1979 - The Perceptive Listener. The first in a series of five lectures by Dr. Gordon K. Greene of Wilfred Laurier University. The series will stress listening skills. Today: The Symphony.

Oct 19, 1979 - Marine Archeology. A series of five lectures by Ms. Janette Barber and Dr. Vernon Barber of the Biology Department of Memorial University.

Nov 19, 1979 - "Food Reliance." Balancing Nutrition with your home grown food. A lesson in nutrition.

Dec 3, 1979 - Introduction to Canadian Labour History: Maritime industrial conflict. David Frank is the lecturer.

Dec 4, 1979 - Portraits of Power in Latin American Fiction: Artemid Cruz.

Dec 5, 1979 - Quality of Working Life: Effectiveness of groups. Dr. Marv Bartell lectures.

Dec 6, 1979 - Einstein, the Man and His Ideas: What is general relativity?

Dec 7, 1979 - The Canadian Meat Industry: Processed meats. Lecturer: Dr. M.E. Stiles.

Dec 11, 1979 - "Canadian Labour Today" (Part 5).

Dec 12, 1979 - "The Labyrinth Contradiction - The Autumn of the Patriarch"

Dec 13, 1979 - "Stress Reactions." (Conclusion)

Dec 14, 1979 - "Einstein and Nature's Unpredictability."

Dec 17, 1979 - Introduction to Canadian Labour History: Canadian labour today.

Dec 18, 1979 - Portraits of Power in Latin American Fiction: Garcia Marquez.

Dec 19, 1979 - Quality of Working Life: Stress reactions. Lecturer: Dr. Marv Bartell.

Dec 20, 1979 - Einstein, the Man and His Ideas: Nature's unpredictability. Dr. T. H. Leith is the lecturer.

Dec 21, 1979 - The Canadian Meat Industry: Meat handling in the home.

Dec 24, 1979 - "Meat Handling In The Home." The handling and preparation of meat in the home and the food services trade are discussed.

Dec 25, 1979 - "Were There Dark Ages?" The name is valid insofar as the records are few. but there were startling developments during this period.

Dec 26, 1979 - "A Stable World." This program is concerned with classical or ideal landscape during the Renaissance and 17th Century.

Dec 27, 1979 - "The Roots of Aggression."

Dec 28, 1979 - "Man, Cancer and Environment." This first lecture in this series will cover the causes of cancer, some of which are related to the environment.

Dec 31-Jan 1, 1980 - The Dark Ages: Goths, Visi and Ostro. A look at the many "barbaric' peoples who insinuated themselves into the Western Roman Empire.

Jan 2, 1980 - The Art of Landscape: The Sublime and Fearful. This program will look at landscape as expression of the Sublime and the Romantic. Principally the relationship to the painting of the 18th and 19th century.

Jan 3, 1980 - Human Aggression: The Pattern of War and Massacre. This lecture looks at the pattern of war and massacre as surveyed through history and suggests specific questions that can be answered in part at least by current psychological knowledge.

Jan 4, 1980 - "Causes of Cancer" Chemical carcinogenesis. This show deals with the experimental systems used to establish mechanisms of chemical carcinogensis.

Jan 14, 1980 - Dark Ages: "The Church and the Carlings." Lecturer: Dr. John Wortley.

Jan 15, 1980 - Art of Landscape: "Nationalism and Landscape." Dr. David Burnett.

Jan 16, 1980 - Human Aggression: "The Biology of Prejudice." Dr. Ronald Melzack.

Jan 17, 1980 - Causes of Cancer: "Viruses and Cancer." Dr. Carol E. Cass is the lecturer of the series.

Jan 18, 1980 - So You Want to Make an Investment? "Using Valuation Models." Dr. Murray L. Davis and Dr. Philip C. Parr.

Jan 22, 1980 - "The Dark Ages - The Northmen." A study of the people who brought an end to the Dark Ages.

Jan 23, 1980 - "The Arts of Landscape: The Inner Landscape." This final program will look at some 20th Century developments in the art of landscape.

Jan 24, 1980 - "Human Aggression - The Manipulation of Anxiety." The theory of aggression is described.

Jan 25, 1980 - "Causes of Cancer: Cancer Prevention and Public Policy." This program will consider whether or not cancer prevention by control of environmental factors is realistic.

Feb 4, 1980 - Continuing Quest For Knowledge: Education For All Ages - Continuing Education tries to promote freer access to any studies or growth experience on the basis of motivation and need and does not have its principal goal, credits and increase of income.

Feb 5, 1980 - War: The Most Dangerous Game (Part 3)

Feb 6, 1980 - Structures in Sound. The Master's Model: Sonato Form. Learn of the function and order of the divisions of Sonato Form and what to listen for in the first movement of a Sonata. Featuring portions of and complete movements from Sonatas by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

Feb 7, 1980 - Magic and It's Ritual in Chinese Religion - Foretelling the future Part 11.

Feb 8, 1980 - The Ice Age in Canada. How Glaciers Change the Landscape (Part 1: Erosion). The internal structure of glaciers and how they erode the land will be discussed.

Feb 11, 1980 - 'Continuing Quest For Knowledge' Today's program: Competence or Human Growth. This show focuses on the ramifications of a proposed white paper on cultural development in Canada.

Feb 12, 1980 - 'War: The Most Dangerous Game.' Today: Saratoga 1777- Redcoats against the American wilderness symbolize the attempt to isolate New England as the seat of the rebellion and crush the American Revolution, This is the topic of today's discussion.

Feb 13, 1980 - 'Structures In Sound.' The model serves its masters: variety in the classical sonata form are featured in an illustrated guide to the contrasting approaches of Haydn and Mozart.

Feb 14, 1980 - 'Magic and Ritual in Chinese Religion' Divine Possession or Medium cults: Many Gods and Goddesses are said to choose their own mediums to communicate their will or Concerns to the human race.

Feb 15, 1980 - 'The Ice Age: How Glaciers Change The Landscape.' Today how glaciers deposit various types of materials as deglaciation takes place is explained.

Feb 25, 1980 - War, the Most Dangerous Game: The Battles of El Alamein (1942).

Feb 26, 1980 - Structures in Sound: The musical styles of 19th and early 20th-century Romanticism. Dr. Walter Kemp.

Feb 27, 1980 - Magic and Ritual in Chinese Religion: The care with which burial sites are selected. Dr. Julian Pas is the lecturer.

Feb 28, 1980 - The Ice Age in Canada: Theories on its origin. Dr. N.W. Rutter is the lecturer.

Feb 29, 1980 - Continuing Quest for Knowledge: Self-paced learning programs.

Mar 24, 1980 - Canadian Political Ideologies: The socialist origins of the CCF and NDP.

Mar 25, 1980 - All Write!: Writing and editing.

Mar 26, 1980 - The Land Is Our Life: Native concepts of identity, self-determination and nationhood.

Mar 27, 1980 - Behaviour and the Brain: Mechanisms that control body weight.

Mar 28, 1980 - Energy Futures for Canada: Sources of solar, wind and oceanic energy, and the technology needed to exploit them. Dr. D.W.R. Wilson

Apr 7, 1980 - Energy futures for Canada: The future for Canada's energy production. Provincial energy balances in a national context, adjustment, financing, pricing, ownership and control of energy supplies will be reviewed today.

Apr 8, 1980 - Understanding China: China Today. This series of five lectures by Dr. Mary Sun, Associate Professor of History, Saint Mary's University, was recorded at CJCH-TV Halifax, CTV's affiliate station.

Apr 9, 1980 - Approaches to Contemporary Dance. An Historical Perspective. This series of five lectures by Iris Garland, Associate Professor Dance, and Santa Aloi, Assistant Professor of Dance was produced at Simon Fraser University of CHAN-TV. Today's lecture will focus on the influences which brought around the revolution of dance.

Apr 10, 1980 - The Religion of Islam: The Life of Muhammed. This series of lectures by Dr. Sheila McDonough, Professor of Religion, Concordia University, was produced at CFCF-TV, Montreal, CTV's affiliate station. This lecture discovers the first religio-political society that was established in 622 A.D.

Apr 11, 1980 - Origins of Man: A Framework for Human Evolution. This series of five lectures by Dr. C. Micklejohn, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Winnipeg, was recorded at CKY-TV, Winnipeg, CTV's affiliate station. The framework within the questions of human origins and development will be examined.

Apr 14, 1980 - "Safer Boating. Intro to Safer Boating." This series of five lectures by Mike Exall, Coordinator of Centre for Outdoor Pursuits, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, was produced at CFTO-TV, Toronto, CTVs affiliate station Equipment constituting safer boating vs unsafe equipment is the topic of discussion today.

Apr 15, 1980 - "Understanding China: China the Historical Past." The origins of the Chinese people, the different life-style of the upper and lower classes, and the religions and art of traditional China are examined in this program.

Apr 16, 1980 - "Approaches to Contemporary Dance: Contemporary Dance Today." The rapid growth of dance in Canada and the assimilation of various trends will be put into perspective.

Apr 17, 1980 - The Religion of Islam: The Teachings of the Qur'an." The main teachings of the Qur'an are discussed with examples given of the recitations and pictures shown of elaborately decorated medieval manuscripts.

Apr 18, 1980 - "The Origins of Man: The First Appearance of Man." Some questions relating to the initial evolution of man and, in particular, some questions about why man separated from a common ancestor, the great apes, will be discussed.

Apr 21, 1980 - Understanding China: "East Meets West." Dr. Mary Sun is the lecturer.

Apr 22, 1980 - Approaches to Contemporary Dance: Techniques of dance composition.

Apr 23, 1980 - The Religion of Islam: "Religious Law and Ritual." Dr. Sheila McDonough.

Apr 24, 1980 - The Origins of Man: The origin of human culture. Dr. C. Meiklejohn.

Apr 25, 1980 - Safer Boating: "Safe Sailing."

Apr 28, 1980 - Understanding China: A comparison of conditions in precommunist and contemporary times.

Apr 29, 1980 - Approaches to Contemporary Dance: Exploring the choreographic process.

Apr 30, 1980 - The Religion ot Islam: The poetry of Moslem mystics

May 1, 1980 - The Origins of Man: South Africa's Australopithecus. Dr. C. Meiklejohn.

May 2, 1980 - Safer Boating: "Safe Kayaking."

May 19, 1980 - "History of Photography."

May 20, 1980 - "Religious Discrimination in Canada" Today: The Mennonites' role as conscientious objectors during both world wars, and their migration to Mexico during the 1920s.

May 21, 1980 - "Elements of Musical Interpretation-Harmony." Consonance and dissonance, tension and repose, modulation and special effects will be explained.

May 22, 1980 - "The dynamics of an Industrial Society." Rate of change and growth will be discussed.

May 23, 1980 - "Quest for Minerals" The viewers will be shown the tremendous mineral potential of our oceans.

Jun 9, 1980 - History of Photography: "The Image." Essentially the image can be used in two ways: one, as an illustrative or communicative medium; the other when the image itself is an end in the process of search development and personal expression.

Jun 10, 1980 - Religious discrimination in Canada; Jehova's Witnesses and the blood transfusion question.

Jun 11, 1980 - "Elements of the Musical Interpretation: Sound." Today's program emphasizes tone and dynamics of music. It will also examine the character of the piano and the relationship of touch to sound as applied to music of the Baroque, classical, romantic and twentieth century styles.

Jun 12, 1980 - "The Meanings of Modern Technology." International integration through technological development. The ultimate impact of technological development is examined in teams of national, international and global integration. Also examined are: development of world markets, standardization of lifestyles, cultural uniformity and the role of language in industrial civilization.

Jun 13, 1980 - "The Quest for Minerals." The modern mineral exploration industry-Limits to growth? This will be a review of some of the techniques which are being employed to assist in the search for minerals resources. It will show how the space has changed the traditional concept of the geologist as a person equipped only with a hammer and rucksack.

Oct 13, 1980 - First of five lectures on science in the ancient world Dr. Trevor A. Hodge.

Oct 14, 1980 - Maritime Realist Painting. First of five lectures. Dr. Peter Smale and Michael Coyne are the lecturers.

Oct 15, 1980 - First of five lectures on human sexuality. Dr. Jacques Goulet is the lecturer.

Oct 16, 1980 - First of five lectures on the behavior of marine animals.

Oct 17, 1980 - First of live lectures on inflation. Drs. Murray Davis and Philip C. Parr

Oct 27, 1980 - How do specialization and research play a role in reaching scientific heights?

Oct 28, 1980 - "What is Realism? Can a Painting be realistic? Can it be creative?"

Oct 29, 1980 - Today a reflection on the stages of psycho-sexual development.

Oct 30, 1980 - Today's topic, how easily do animals obtain their food?

Nov 3, 1980 - The implications of inflation in every day life.

Nov 5, 1980 - "Why are the Maritimes the centre for realism in painting?"

Nov 6, 1980 - A look at the conscious growth of human sexuality.

Nov 7, 1980 - "Behaviour of Marine Animals"

Nov 10, 1980 - Ancient Science: The Roman Empire. Dr. Trevor A. Hodge is the lecturer.

Nov 11, 1980 - Maritime Realist Painting: Goals and achievements.

Nov 12, 1980 - Human Sexuality: A component of the total personality. Dr Jacques Goulet.

Nov 13, 1980 - Behaviour of Marine Animals: Symbiosis. Dr. Donal Murray is the lecturer.

Nov 14, 1980 - A lecture on inflation.

Dec 8, 1980 - Early Christian Monasticism: The Celts. Dr. John Wortley is the lecturer.

Dec 9, 1980 - The Perceptive Listener: Chamber music. Lecturer: Dr. Gordon K. Greene.

Dec 10, 1980 - Retirement: Housing alternatives.

Dec 11, 1980 - Food for Canada: Additives. Dr. F.R. van de Voort is the lecturer.

Dec 12, 1980 - The Gospels: According to Luke.

Dec 15, 1980 - Early Christian Monasticism: Saint Benedict. Dr John Wortley.

Dec 16, 1980 - The Perceptive Listener: 20th-century trends. Dr Gordon K Greene.

Dec 17, 1980 - Retirement: How to enjoy it.

Dec 18, 1980 - Food for Canada: Food of the future.

Dec 19, 1980 - The Gospels: According to John.

Dec 22, 1980 - "The Nuclear Era"

Dec 23, 1980 - "The History of Photography"

Dec 24, 1980 - "Cross Cultural Psychology"

Dec 25, 1980 - "The History of Microbiology."

Dec 26, 1980 - "Nordic Skiing: History and Development"

Jan 1, 1981 - Cross-Cultural Psychology: Perception Across Cultures. Today's lecture looks at the question: Do all people "see" the world in the same way.

Jan 2, 1981 - History of Microbiology. Microbiology in the Pre-Christian Era.

Jan 6, 1981 - The Nuclear Era; The Development of China as a Major Political Power. The emergence of China as a power - what are her present capabilities, and what are her prospects. University of the Air examines these questions today.

Jan 8, 1981 - Cross-Cultural Psychology: Cognition Across Cultures. Today's lecture looks at the question: Are all people equally smart the world over.

Jan 12, 1981 - Nordic Skiing: Ski Preparation. Today's lecture explains and demonstrates the waxing techniques and outlines various types of waxing for racing, touring and recreation.

Jan 13, 1981 - The Nuclear Era: Proliferation. The trend towards nuclear proliferation, why, and where will it end will be examined.

Jan 14, 1981 - History of Photography: The Image.

Jan 15, 1981 - Cross-Cultural Psychology: Personality and Social Behavior Across Cultures. Today's lecture looks at the studies suggesting that these two aspects of behavior and experience, have highly been patterned by the culture we grow up in.

Jan 16, 1981 - History of Microbiology: The Golden Decades 1875 to 1895. Through the 19th century, the floodgates on knowledge were opened and along with the other sciences, vast developments occurred in microbiology reaching a peak in activity during the two golden decades of 1875 to 1895. Today's lecture looks at the golden decades.

Jan 21, 1981 - History of Photography

Jan 27, 1981 - Canada and Immigration: The Evolution of Immigration Policy.

Jan 29, 1981 - Quality of Working Life

Feb 2, 1981 - The Religion of Islam: The Life Of Muhammad. This series of five lectures by Dr, Sheila McDonough, Professor of Religion, Concordia University was produced at CFCF-TV, CTV's Montral affiliate. Today's lecture focuses on the events before and after the migration of Muhammad and his followers to the city of Medina where the first Islamic religion-political society was established.

Feb 3, 1981 - Canada and Immigration: The Refugees. This lecture defines what is meant by the term refugee and why their movements have existed through history.

Feb 4, 1981 - The English Renaissance

Feb 5, 1981 - Quality of Working Life: Changing Work Ethic. The changing nature of the work ethic and management of today's young worker are examined.

Feb 6, 1981 - Where the River Meets the Sea: Biological Communities in the Estuary, In this lecture we shall examine the kinds of organisms typically encountered in tin estuary and attempt to classify them into groups according to their trophic role and general life cycle.

Feb 13, 1981 - Where the River Meets the Sea: Biological Processes in the Estuary. Today's lecture details the origins of important nutrients, the physical factors that determine nutrient cycling int he estuary and the sources and types of primary production.

Feb 16, 1981 - "Canada And Immigration" The impact of immigration on the labour force.

Feb 17, 1981 - "The English Rennaisance" The nation state.

Feb 18, 1981 - "The Quality of the Working Life" The quest for job satisfaction.

Feb 19, 1981 - The Vertabraetes of The Estuaries" The life cycles of different fish.

Feb 20, 1981 - Islamic Mysticism" A study of Islamic poetry.

Mar 16, 1981 - Geometrical Thought. Non-Euclidian Geometry. This program will examine crazy parallels and mind-bending mathematical controversy of non-Euclidian geometry, as well as take a look at the curved spaces of Riemann and Einstein.

Mar 18, 1981 - Newfoundland Folklore. Religious Devotional Art. Images placed on the interior walls of a dwelling serve not only decorative purposes but act as nonverbal messages about specific behaviour considered appropriate for each space.

Mar 19, 1981 - Second-Language Learning. Revolt in the 19th Century. Led by believers in the Direct Method of instruction, and fostered by the beginnings of linguistic science, language teaching takes a new direction.

Apr 6, 1981 - "History of Atlantic Canada - The First Colonial Era, 1600-1864." Today a look at the Amerindian population of the era and the first settlers from Europe.

Apr 7, 1981 - "Structures in Sound." Sound patterns as heard in various forms of music.

Apr 8, 1981 - "The Celtic Peoples in Canada." Today's discussion centres on the spirit of the Celts.

Apr 9, 1981 - "Behaviour and the Brain." Neuropsychology is explored through the broader field of Neuroscience.

Apr 10, 1981 - "Energy Futures for Canada and the World" The current energy crisis is analyzed with a view towards solutions.

Apr 13, 1981 - Energy Futures For Canada. World Energy Futures.

Apr 15, 1981 - Structures in Sound. Sonata Form. This lecture will explain the function and order of the divisions of Sonata Form, and suggest what to listen for in the First Movement of a Sonata.

Apr 20, 1981 - History of Atlantic Canada "The Great Betrayal." This lecture discusses the impact of national policies in the Maritime provinces, 1867-1960.

Apr 21, 1981 - "Structures in Sound." Classical Sonata Form. A contrasting approach to Haydn and Mozart will be presented.

Apr 22, 1981 - "Celtic Peoples in Canada" The Celtic people of C ape Breton...the Boatloads of refugees from the highlands of Scotland imposed a distinctly Celtic character on Nova Scotia from the second decade of the nineteenth century onwards.

Apr 23, 1981 - "Behaviour and the Brain: Parkinson's Disease" An entire session is devoted to the consideration of this common disorder of movement.

Apr 24, 1981 - "Energy futures for Canada" This lecture discusses the nature and distribution of fossil, fuels, oil and gas and the nature and distribution of the nuclear fuels, uranium and thorium.

Jun 1, 1981 - South Africa and Apartheid. Apartheid as Policy and Practice. This lecture will discuss the theoretical basis and legislation of Apartheid, as well as the African resistance and the resulting racism and violence.

Jun 2, 1981 - Latin American Fiction. The Tropical Tyrant. This lecture will deal with the novel Reasons of State, which is a variation on the theme of the classical tyranny and offers a composite of notorious dictators.

Jun 3, 1981 - The Nature of Disadvantage: Poverty. This lecture will investigate ways in which language, emotional, cognitive and social development may become stunted as the result of an inadequate and unsatisfactory environment.

Jun 4, 1981 - Cardio-Vascular Diseases: A Look Inside the Heart.

Jun 5, 1981 - Introduction to the Sky: The Planets. This examination of the planets will include a discussion of the motions of the planets, a Ptolemaic explanation, binocular and small telescope observation, the discovery of the outer planets and life on other planets.

Jun 9, 1981 - South Africa and Apartheid - South Africa Today and Tomorrow. This lecture will consider the problem of South Africa and world opinion, its place in the global economy and alternatives for tomorrow.

Jun 10, 1981 - Latin American Fiction - The Labyrinth of Contradictions: Autumn of the Patriarch. This lecture will examine the novel of Garcia Marques, as well as a summary and concluding remarks on the novels, on their authors' intentions, the dominant tones, and the impact of these works.

Jun 12, 1981 - Cardio Vascular Diseases - Heart Attack. This program will discuss the causes of coronary artery disease and what can be done today to prevent and treat it.

Sep 14, 1981 - 20th Century Latin America: Historical overview. John M. Kirk is the lecturer.

Sep 15, 1981 - Gods and Heroes of the Greeks: Hesiod's Theogony. George L. Snider.

Sep 16, 1981 - Social Psychology of Work and Family Life: Role adaptation. Steve D. Heeren.

Sep 17, 1981 - Microcomputer Literacy: The BASIC programming language.

Sep 18, 1981 - Human Comfort: Physiological features of comfort. Keith Slater.

Sep 21, 1981 - 20th Century Latin America: Military revolutions. Lecturer: John M. Kirk.

Sep 22, 1981 - Gods and Heroes of the Greeks: The legendary basis of the heroes.

Sep 23, 1981 - Social Psychology of Work and Family Life: Hazards of work.

Sep 24, 1981 - Microcomputer Literacy: Planning microcomputer programs.

Sep 25, 1981 - Physical Aspects of Comfort. Topics under discussion are posture, heat transmission, moisture vapour permeability, liquid water porosity, wind chill and the measurement of physical comfort factors.

Sep 28, 1981 - 20th Century Latin America: Human rights. John M. Kirk is the lecturer.

Sep 29, 1981 - Gods and Heroes of the Greeks: Folktale origins. George L. Snider.

Sep 30, 1981 - Social Psychology of Work and Family Lite: Women's roles. Steve D. Heeren.

Oct 1, 1981 - Microcomputer Literacy. Probability, Simulation, and Computer Assisted Instruction. Topic for discussion: how do we employ BASIC and the microcomputer to carry out activities which are subject to chance?

Oct 2, 1981 - Human Comfort. The Role of Textile Products. Topics covered are fabric properties, garment properties, furnishing goods, and industrial textiles.

Oct 5, 1981 - 20th Century Latin America. What is the True Story. This fifth and final lecture examines the volatile nature of politics in the Americas and discusses what the future holds for Central America.

Oct 6, 1981 - Gods and Heroes of the Greeks. This final discussion concerns the anthropologists, psychologists, philologists and others who have contributed to our understanding of the myth in general.

Oct 7, 1981 - Social Psychology of Work and Family Life. Contradictions in Family Life. This final episode takes a look at the family and how outside influences and violence affect the home.

Oct 8, 1981 - Microcomputer Literacy. Information retrieval. This final lecture will explore how we can program the microcomputer to store, access, and change files of information.

Oct 9, 1981 - Human Comfort. Comfort in everyday life. This final lecture deals with how the environment as a whole affects the comfort of everyday life.

Nov 2, 1981 - Canada and Immigration: Immigrants in our labor force.

Nov 3, 1981 - The English Renaissance: Combination of aural and visual arts.

Nov 4, 1981 - The Disabled Are Able: Education and training approaches Jack Buchanan.

Nov 5, 1981 - Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs: Comparing man-made with natural lakes.

Nov 6, 1981 - Where Has All Our Money Gone?: Inflation and the corporations.

Nov 19, 1981 - Fitness, Health and Lifestyle. Physical Fitness Development. This lecture will investigate the basic qualities of physical fitness including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.

Nov 20, 1981 - The Sensational Mouth. The Oral Sentient. This lecture will introduce some of the basic functions of the mouth including taste, thirst and thermal sensitivity.

Nov 30, 1981 - Rise and Fall of Imperial Germany: Late 19th-century manners and morals. Patricia N. Waring.

Dec 1, 1981 - Canadian Rock Art: Carvings and engravings found on the plains.

Dec 2, 1981 - Fitness, Health and Lifestyle: Smoking and alcohol abuse.

Dec 3, 1981 - The Sensational Mouth: Effects of stress. Dr. Norman Thomas.

Dec 4, 1981 - Developing Transport Technology -Intercity Travel. Low population density and large geographical separation cause unique intercity transport problems in Canada. These constraints imply the need for transport systems with high operating speeds. The relative applicability of several modes of transport will be discussed.

Dec 7, 1981 - Rise and Fall of Imperial Germany: Foreign policy before T9I4 and the rise of militarism. Patricia N. Waring.

Dec 8, 1981 - Canadian Rock Art: Paintings found along the waterways of the Canadian Shield. Zenon Pohorecky.

Dec 9, 1981 - Fitness. Health and Lifestyle: Stress. Dr. Victor A. Corroll is the lecturer.

Dec 10, 1981 - The Sensational Mouth: Chewing and swallowing.

Dec 11, 1981 - Developing Transport Technology: Shipping hazardous materials.

Dec 15, 1981 - The Rise and Fall of Imperial Germany - Death of an Empire. This lecture deals with the debacle of the war and the collapse of the monarchy.

Dec 17, 1981 - Fitness, Health and Lifestyle - Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. This lecture will include a discussion of prudent lifestyle habit modifications, risk factors that have been found effective in the prevention of heart disease and the rehabilitation of heart disease patients.

Dec 21, 1981 - "Developing Transport Technology"

Dec 22, 1981 - "Landscape of Ontario"

Dec 23, 1981 - "Cultural Reflections in Music"

Dec 24, 1981 - "Coping With Learning Problems"

Dec 25, 1981 - "Behaviour of Marine Animals"

Dec 28, 1981 - "Harvesting the Sun"

Dec 29, 1981 - "Landscape of Ontario"

Dec 30, 1981 - "Cultural Reflections in Music, Literature and Painting"

Dec 31, 1981 - "Coping With Learning Problems"

Jan 1, 1981 - "Behaviour of Marine Animals"

Jan 4, 1982 - "Harvesting the Sun - Solar Heating System. Part 1."

Jan 5, 1982 - Landscape of Ontario - Landscape of Production.

Jan 6, 1982 - Cultural Reflections in Music - Literature and Music.

Jan 7, 1982 - Coping with Learning Problems Skills for the Adolescent.

Jan 8, 1982 - Behaviour of Marine Animals Feeding Behaviour.

Sep 13, 1982 - Interpreting Canadian Politics.

Sep 14, 1982 - History of Jazz. Michael T. Roeder.

Sep 15, 1982 - Police- Social Control and Society: Misconceptions about the police.

Sep 16, 1982 - Organization and Function of Genes. Dr. George Setterfield.

Sep 17, 1982 - Organizing Your Time: An overview of time management. Robert A. Schulz.

Dec 6, 1982 - Western Canada: Exploiting natural resources. Lecturer: David Anderson.

Dec 7, 1982 - Understanding Architecture: Designs tor private homes. Larry Richard.

Dec 8, 1982 - The Disabled Are Able: Education and training of the handicapped.

Dec 9, 1982 - Lakes. Ponds and Reservoirs: A comparison of man-made and natural lakes. Dr. Graham Richard.

Dec 10, 1982 - Astronomy: Exotic discoveries of the modern era. Dr. Anthony F.J. Moffat.

Dec 20, 1982 - First of five lectures on ancient France. A. Trevor Hodge.

Dec 21, 1982 - First of five lectures on different styles of classical music. Alexandra Munn.

Dec 22, 1982 - First of five lectures on psychoanalysis. Dr. Lewis W. Brandt.

Dec 23, 1982 - First of five lectures on the human nervous system.

Dec 24, 1982 - First of five lecturers on nordic skiing.

Dec 27, 1982 - Ancient France: The founding of Greek colonies along the coast.

Dec 28, 1982 - Cultural Reflections in Music: The individuality of Haydn. Alexandra Munn.

Dec 29, 1982 - Psychoanalysis.

Dec 30, 1982 - Neurobionomics: The elementary components of the nervous system.

Dec 31, 1982 - Nordic Skiing: Selection of equipment. Mike Exall is the lecturer.

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