With Georgia (Series) (1957)

With  Georgia
In Lethbridge, AB, Mrs. Georgia Fooks took time out from her own family of three girls, to arrange, produce, and emcee CJLH-TV's children's show, With Georgia. In 1957, more than 600 children took part in the 15-minute, thrice weekly show, which featured acts by talented under-12-year-olds, children's quiz and panel shows, story telling sessions, and games. A special monthly feature was "Birthday Party", when as many as 200 children wrote in, to have their names read over the air. From the letters, eight youngsters were chosen, to be invited to an actual, on-the-air birthday party. On the program's "Make Things" night, Georgia used things youngsters could find around the house, to show the moppets how to make tin can stoves, soap carvings, scratch drawings, or drums.

Georgia Fooks....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CJLH

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