News Cavalcade (Series) (1955-1966)

News Cavalcade
From 6:30 to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, most of Newfoundland's 30,000 TV sets were tuned to Don Jamieson's unique half-hour News Cavalcade show, which had been called "one of the most ambitious TV news shows in North America." Stocky, versatile Jamieson, who was half-owner of CJON-TV, invariably ad-libbed his way, with uncanny precision, through the entire program. With not a single note to guide him, he reeled off the quarter hour of late news, interviewed a guest, forecasted the weather, and spieled the commercials. Despite his claim that, "I don't have a very good memory", he had even reported on two provincial budgets in this noteless fashion, without misplacing a single figure.

So popular was his show, Newfoundland public figures often held up important announcements until they could appear on it. Newfoundland's political czar, Premier Joey Smallwood, adjourned a press conference. He told reporters if they wanted to know his plans, they could watch him that night on Cavalcade.

Jamieson's extemporaneous newscasts frankly interpret the news, as well as report it. "On one story", he recalls, "I had telephone calls within five minutes, from the Premier and from the leader of the opposition—both complaining angrily that I'd slanted the story against them."

Don Jamieson....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CJON

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