Episode Guide - Kerry Wood Storybook (Series) (1962-1963)

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Kerry Wood Storybook
May 7, 1962 - Alberta naturalist and storyteller Kerry Wood talks about the largest of the swallow families in Canada, the Purple Martin.

Jun 4, 1962 - Kerry Wood talks about his brother's cat "Joe," a huge persian which he remembers as a child.

Jun 11, 1962 - This week, Kerry Wood tells the true story of a little Indian boy who wandered away from his tribe at the age of six and lived with and was protected by a herd of buffalo for two years.

Jun 25, 1962 - Kerry Wood tells the story of "Qu-Yuk," the whistling swan and the valiant fight he wages against a small Eskimo boy, in defence of his nest.

Apr 15, 1963 - This week Alberta naturalist and folklore expert Kerry Wood gives instruction for boys and girls in the game of Archery. Producer, Don R. McRae.

Apr 22, 1963 - Alberta naturalist and folklore expert, Kerry Wood tells a wonderful story about The Badlands. Producer, Don McRae.

May 20, 1963 - Kerry Wood demonstrates whittling. He discusses the type of wood needed, and tools which may be used.

Jun 3, 1963 - Kerry Wood instructs children on fascinating hobbies and tells them stories about his delightful animal world friends.

Jun 10, 1963 - Alberta naturalist Kerry Wood talks about displaying and adapting driftwood for practical uses.

Jul 22, 1963 - A Handful of Flowers. Kerry Wood tells about the many varieties of flowers found near his home in Red Deer.

Aug 12, 1963 - Kerry Wood tells about "The Wolf Crossing" on the Red Deer River. Postponed from last week.

Sep 9, 1963 - Alberta naturalist and folk-lore expert Kerry Wood talks about his uncle George, "The Merry Minister," who started a school for orphans which is now known as Woods Christian Home in Calgary. Producer, Les MacDiarmid.

Sep 16, 1963 - Alberta naturalist and folk-lore expert Kerry Wood talks about an interesting hobby- making western-style ties. Producer, Les MacDiarmid.

Sep 23, 1963 - "Pit Cooking" is demonstrated.

Nov 11, 1963 - The Greatest Land Geographer. Kerry tells the story of David Thompson, one of the greatest Canadian explorers, who mapped most of Canada's rivers and mountains.

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