Mary Liz Show, The (Series) (1957-1960)

Aka: Close-Up

Mary Liz Show, The
Of special interest to women was the the weekly afternoon program, The Mary Liz Show originally on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and later on, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on CBWT in Winnipeg. With Mary Elizabeth Bayer as hostess, The Mary Liz Show was designed to mirror the Winnipeg community, its people, places and projects. The program debuted Jan 29, 1957 as Close-Up and was renamed The Mary Liz Show within a week. The show was replaced in 1960 by another program, Three's Company, also featuring Mary Liz.

Mary Elizabeth Bayer....Hostess
Fred Cripps....Announcer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBWT

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