Tell-A-Tale Town (Series) (1994-1997)

Tell-A-Tale Town
Tell-A-Town was an educational series designed to model for young children the fun, pleasure, and excitement of storytelling, therefore fostering a positive feeling about language and literacy and a continuing interest. The series was aimed at children aged four to 10.

On each show, teenagers from the Vancouver Youth Theatre presented well-rehearsed stories. Kids from local elementary schools provided snippets of stories. Each show opened with a professional contribution from an adult storyteller.

Lois Walker .... The Mayor
Lee Karvonen .... Lee the Librarian
Oma Lara Oyesiku .... Oma Lara the General Store Owner

Original Broadcaster(s): Global, YTV

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byMichael A. Savage Jr., April 22, 2007
Lois Walker is My Friend

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