Oopsy the Clown (Series) (1977-?)

Oopsy the Clown
With the help of his family, Oopsy the circus clown has taken up residence at the hill place in the imaginary town of Daisyville where several of his puppet friends also live. Frances Kay McNea plays Dairy Dora, the Daisyville milk lady who delivers her dairy products "in metric format." She is also featured in "Crafty Fun" and acts as the main puppeteer.

Michael McNea plays Mr. Pouch, the Daisyville mailman. He does his job with a variety of exasperating comic routines. Michael also plays Billy Baker the doughnut maker, whose doughnuts all have square holes. He also occasionally appears as Punky the Clown.

Kathy Lynn McNea, a professional pianist and singer, performs popular songs as well as her own compositions designed for children of all ages. She assists as a puppeteer and plays Wilihamena, the Baker's Wife and Birdy Featherwing, a naturalist and bird lover.

Written and produced by Robert McNea

Frances Kay McNea....Dairy Dora
Michael McNea....Mr. Pouch/Billy Baker/Punky the Clown
Robert "Bob" McNea....Oopsy the Clown
Kathy Lynn McNea....Wilihamena/Birdy Featherwing

Original Broadcaster(s): CKCO

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