On My Own (Special)

In keeping with the vein of using drama to reveal and to resolve problems which teenagers have in growing up, the CBC itself produced a play called On My Own, which is the story of Kim, a bright, pretty, and popular high school student who suddenly finds her life changed when she is diagnosed as an epileptic. Frightened and embarrassed after suffering a grand mal seizure at a school dance, Kim is further depressed when she is ostracized by her friends and rejected by her boyfriend Tony. Things seem at an all-time low when she fails to qualify for the school swim meet and then suffers from an unsightly rash, a side effect of her medication. Through the support of her best friend Susan, and Steve, a new boy in her class, she gradually struggles with her own self-doubt and fragile self-image to convince herself of her own personal strength.

Written by Gordon Ruttan with help and advice from John Ellis Produced and directed by Dennis Hargreave

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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