Mr. Microchip (Series) (1983-1985)

Mr. Microchip was CBC's first formal venture into programming about computers for children. A show to be shared by parents with children, its aim was to demystify computers and their functions. With Skip Lumley, a computer business consultant, neighbours Dayna Simon and Steve Grosfield learned about and worked with computers in Lumley's garage. Each program was devoted to one aspect of computer functions. An attempt was made to put computers in their proper social and human context. As the series progressed, the audience learned, along with the kids, how computers worked, how to tell them what to do, how computers' brains compared with people's, where computers were used, and how they could help us.

The series was created by Skip Lumley and Michael Hirsh, Nelvana and Ventura Pictures, produced by Michael Hirsh and directed by Peter Jennings.

Skip Lumley
Dayna Simon
Steve Grosfield

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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