Lynsky and Co. (Series)

Aka: Lynsky and Company

Lynsky and Co. was another variation of a Dale Harney variety show for a younger audience. Ralph, an oversize "hound dog" (a man dressed in a hound dog costume borrowed from a local shopping center), acts as a foil to frustrate Harney's magic tricks or Lynsky's songs. Linda Lopushinsky plays Lynsky but takes on various roles, as a comic Roxy who presents interesting information, or Jivin' Jackie the disc jockey who sings popular music. Much of the continuity depends on word play and some slapstick with Ralph providing many of the comic or absurd situations.

Dale Harney
Linda Lopushinsky
Sheila Harney
Scott Imler....Ralph

Original Broadcaster(s): CFAC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user mbrand, October 25, 2009
I used to watch that show when it first came out as a mkid and my two favorite episodes were Ralph dancing and Dale being invisable. Those shows need to be seen again which hopefully those master tapes aren't destroyed or thrown away what ever happen to Dale Harney & Lynsky.

Max Brand
Use to watch this show in a small town outside Buffalo NY. I loved this show and actually turned friends on to it as well. It was so much fun, it seemed like they were having so much fun doing it as well. The laughing, sounds effects, just gave me so many laugh out loud moments. Dale was so funny here, Lynsky was such a sweetheart and tried her best to keep order..and Ralph the Dog just made me laugh so much...I give you credit Scott, you did a great job in that suit. We even gave one of our friends the nickname Ralph the Dog because he acted alot like Ralph. I had most of these shows on tape (Beta!) but they have been lost over time. I would give anything to have them back again... Just thinking about this show brings a smile to my face...thank you Dale, Linda, Scott...where ever you are
byTom Delano, February 13, 2007
Mr Imler,

Yes, by all means be proud of being part of Lynsky and Co. I watched the show faithfully from mid-1981 until CHCH stopped airing it and I can't tell you how exciting it is to hear from someone actually involved with the show. Please email me at at your convenience as I've many questions I'd like to ask about the show. Thank you for responding.
byScott Imler, February 12, 2007
Not sure if I should be proud of that but the 165 or so shows we taped in a small studio in Calgary was a laugh a minite we had a lot of fun doing them. The station at the time was CFAC which is now part of Global Television here in Calgary. Many of the crew that worked on Lynsky and Company as well as The Magic Palace (the other series that Dale, Lynda myself and Dales first wife Sheila) appeared on still work at Global. If memeory serves they were all shot on 2 inch video tape. I have a fair amount of The Magic Palace shows on VHS and a couple of Lynsky and Companies somewhere?
It was fun to be a part of them both.
byClick here to see the profile of this user, February 12, 2007
Thanks for the information. I've corrected the information in the database listing. If you know the years the show was broadcast and the station, please email the site so I can update the listing further. Information on these old shows (especially regional ones) is super hard to come by.
byTom Delano, February 12, 2007
Sheila Harney was never part of Lynsky and Co. Lynsky was actually Linda Lopushinsky (hence the name "Lynsky"), who replaced Sheila on the Magic Palace show and who later became the 2nd (and current) Mrs. Harney. Scott Imler, the other assistant from the Magic Palace, played the part of Ralph, I believe, although he was never credited. The theme of the show usually revolved around one of Ralph's new schemes or vocations, ie, auto mechanic, plumber, electrician, etc. The show was mostly improvised, with only the barest form of a script, which often led to the cast and crew breaking themselves up completely (the "Fairy Dogfather" show comes to mind here). The show also had a sadistic sound man named Norm, who once caught Linda on camera saying: "I wear a paper bag over my head for three hours every morning." That sound byte came back to haunt her many, many times thereafter. If anyone knows if the original tapes of this show still exist, please post here or contact the station in Calgary and beg them to release them on a dvd set.

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