Juggler, The (TV Movie)

A special drama, The Juggler was a story of two young boys living in Quebec City in 1825. Andre Delisle was a wealthy aristocrat, and Barnaby was a street urchin. André lived in a large, beautiful house with his parents and many servants, apparently lacking nothing in the way of material goods. However, André was born with very little vision, and was constantly doted on by his mother and somewhat ignored by his father, who could not accept Andrê's handicap. Most of the time he was left in the care of his nurse, who loved him, but he found her math lessons boring and the fairy tales ridiculous. He was lonely, and had no friends. Hearing music in the street, he seeked to investigate its source. Eventually, wandering in the village square, he once again heard the music and related it to a juggler performing his act. The juggler, of course, was Barnaby, and Andre and Barnaby quickly struck up a friendship. The drama developed as Barnaby and Andre decided to write a routine which included André as a clown and Barnaby as the juggler. While the parents objected strenuously, he did manage to escape and eventually was found with Barnaby, dressed as the clown; so redeeming was their performance that his parents recognized his talent and the drama ended happily.

Producer: Ariadne Ochrymovich
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