Just Like Mom (Series) (1980-1987)

Just Like Mom
Just Like Mom was a game show built on a child-mother relationship. Viewers wrote in requesting the opportunity to participate from all parts of Canada. Producer Paul Burford said that the source of the request was usually the child. The show was originally hosted by Stephen Young and Catherine Swing. Executive producer Fergie Olver later took over hosting duties from Young, joining Swing (who was his wife). The hosts introduced three mothers who were asked questions such as "What does ____ do when he/she accompanies you to the supermarket?" The answers were noted and then the child was introduced and asked the same question. If the answers matched, points were scored.

Every attempt was made to screen out acquisitive, ambitious or competitive parents because Burford aimed to de-emphasize competition and the materialistic goals of winning prizes by stressing the mother-child relationship and putting the emphasis on a positive lifestyle. The show was carried on over twenty stations and was seen by over 2,000,000 viewers.

Sidney M. Cohen directed 2 seasons.

Robin Hood was the show's major sponsor.

Stephen Young .... Co-Host (early episodes)
Catherine Swing .... Co-Host
Fergie Olver .... Co-Host (later episodes)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user Insight, March 18, 2008

Is now airing a whole bunch of classic game shows including Just Like Mom
I was on "just like mom" in 1984 and won! I would like to get a copy it some how. It would make a nice birthday gift! Does anyone know how?
byClick here to see the profile of this user bman, February 24, 2008
like too know how i can get the downloads of just like mom 1984
byCheryl, August 30, 2007
My daughter and I were on this show in the 80's. It was fun, we won the game, when she got to spin the wheel, she landed on some small prize,(a pop making machine). The extra prizes were better, we got jewelry and my daughter got to go to Camp Onondoga in the Halabertins.
The show was taped five episodes at a time and of course we were the last group. We were told to be at CFTO studios early in the morning,and we didn't tape until almost four p.m. thus making for a long day. The questions we were asked were basicly what I had put on the application form. The bake-off was the best part of the show, the kids really enjoyed it. The experience was a once in a lifetime chance and I'm glad my daughter (who is now 34 with an 11 year old daughter of her own) got to do the show.
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