Just Like Mom (Series) (1980-1987)

Just Like Mom
Just Like Mom was a game show built on a child-mother relationship. Viewers wrote in requesting the opportunity to participate from all parts of Canada. Producer Paul Burford said that the source of the request was usually the child. The show was originally hosted by Stephen Young and Catherine Swing. Executive producer Fergie Olver later took over hosting duties from Young, joining Swing (who was his wife). The hosts introduced three mothers who were asked questions such as "What does ____ do when he/she accompanies you to the supermarket?" The answers were noted and then the child was introduced and asked the same question. If the answers matched, points were scored.

Every attempt was made to screen out acquisitive, ambitious or competitive parents because Burford aimed to de-emphasize competition and the materialistic goals of winning prizes by stressing the mother-child relationship and putting the emphasis on a positive lifestyle. The show was carried on over twenty stations and was seen by over 2,000,000 viewers.

Sidney M. Cohen directed 2 seasons.

Robin Hood was the show's major sponsor.

Stephen Young .... Co-Host (early episodes)
Catherine Swing .... Co-Host
Fergie Olver .... Co-Host (later episodes)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user smt6450, August 21, 2017
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
So excited this show is coming back!
byClick here to see the profile of this user justlikemomanddad, August 21, 2017
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
Hey all. marblemedia is rebooting the show Just like Mom, now known as Just like Mom and Dad. We are hoping to get in touch with people who appeared on the original series. If you know anyone that was on the show please contact me directly at victoria.defilippis@marblemedia.com. You can also check out www.justlikemomanddad.com to apply!
Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
byClick here to see the profile of this user Cfernandes73, July 22, 2017
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
Please searching for a Just Like Mom episode where my Aunt Susan and cousin Diana Botelho were contestants.. It would mean so much for me to have it.
Thank you in advance.. Don't see their names on list.. It was an aired episode..
Hello my mom recently passed away due to cancer at the young age of 65. We had a copy of our video and my dad accidentally taped over it with Dr Who. Needless to say to was the discussion for the next 30years. I would be forever grateful to see myself and my mom together on the show again. I was 10ish years old. The episode was made in either 1983, but I think 1984. My mom was named Linda Beresford and I am Holly. We had the lead until the bake off. I still remember the questions Fergie Oliver asked us- "Holly if u met the queen- what would your mom want u to remember? Answer was my manners. We had a very loud audience- as we brought a lot of them with us:) I lost in the bake off- my item I baked was cheese biscuits. I was paddle number 1- but my mom picked number 2 lol as she noticed my dad in the audience with a 1 @! His cheek and she didn't want to cheat lol. All I know is that this show was one that we discussed for many years and I would love to show my dad and the rest of of our family and friends at my mom's Celebration of Life on Aug 12/17. Thank you so much, Holly Beresford-Rynard
byClick here to see the profile of this user marshadiane, September 27, 2015
My son Michael Arditti appeared in "Just Like Mom" in the years 1987 or 1988. He won the Camp Onadoga package. Would you have the video on You tube still?
Thanks Marsha Arditti

PS> I was on as well.
My son and I were on Just Like Mom years between 1980 and 1982.
We won our segment. My name is Maureen Fenn and my son is Adam.
Please respond is possible??? Thank you!!!
My mom Elaine and I were on it in 1983.We had a VHS copy but my dad accidentally taped over it. My mum died recently. It would mean so much to find a copy of our episode.
My name is Brenda and I was on the show with my mom (Linda) which aired in Jan 1981. We cooked Mexican Hot Muffins and the winner won a black and white tv lol!!!
Hoping to view the episode. Please share if you do:)
Thanks so much!
byClick here to see the profile of this user sandygirl, July 19, 2010
Ok Iam not sure if you can help but Iam looking for This episode in which Joe and Sandra Ferrier mother son paired was on can you help?? It would be great if i could find this episode please help?
byClick here to see the profile of this user ejul, April 17, 2010
So any luck so far getting the episodes? Looking for one i was in as well Christiane/Eric
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