Kidsworld (Series) (1978-1986)

Kidsworld, a show produced jointly by TVOntario, Astral Television Films and Global Television, consisted of an anchor group of three young people. The concept for the show originated in the United States. The Canadian production still included items by junior correspondents in the U.S.A. The anchor group provided continuity for reports by their peers from all across Canada with updating by child correspondents in different cities, very much in the fashion of adult reporters. Some stories were informative: an inspection of a submarine in drydock at the Halifax naval yards; an eightyear-old girl who organized a protest march on behalf of animal protection; boys and girls who acted as pages at the Ontario Legislature. Other stories were just plain fun: a dog who drove a cow; kids who danced on rollerskates; and even a fish that walked. Also on Kidsworld, children interviewed famous personalities of interest to kids: Rene Simard, Henry "The Fonz" Winkler, Cindy Nicholas, Veronica Tennant, Kristy McNichol, Maria Pallegrini and Stevie Wonder.

Kent Frost .... Co-Host
Sandra Pujimoto .... Co-Host
Andrea Davis .... Co-Host

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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