Kidsbeat (Series) (1981-1993)

Kidsbeat was a kids news show which ran for 52 episodes per year on Global and later also TVO. Kidsbeat dealt with one major news topic or issue each week, explaining it for the young audience with the aid of background information, plus lighter segments on sports and entertainment.

A few years into the program, a decision was made to shift the emphasis from a detailed, hard news item per episode to a softer, fluffy approach to the reporting. That lasted a few years before it returned to the harder edge. In 1992, it dropped its news-of-the-week roundup and began to emphasize upbeat features.

Kidsbeat was syndicated to stations in Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg

David Hatch .... Co-Host
Kym Demchuk .... Co-Host
Belinda Hansen .... Co-Host
Nerene Virgin .... Host
Kevin Newman
Mark Hebscher
Danielle Suter
Andrea Bain
Kathlene Calahan (Fashion segment)
Bonnie Laufer (Movies segment)

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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