Kangazoo Club, The (Series) (1984)

The Kangazoo Club was a series of 26 episodes, each 24 minutes in length, produced by Quadramedia Management, Inc. in association with the Global Television Network. Kangazoo was a big cuddly kangaroo with a pouch full of animals found in zoos. Two young hosts, Melissa Glavota and Russell Chong, guided young viewers on expeditions to the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo, Marineland and the Game Farm at Niagara Falls, and the African Lion Safari in Rockton, Ontario. The hosts interviewed animal handlers, asking questions that children would like to have answered. The studio audience was also given an opportunity to ask questions. As well, each episode featured original songs relating to the animals by composer Nancy Ryan. The shows ended with a meeting of the Kangazoo Club to share letters, drawings and jokes from the viewing audience.

Melissa Glavota....Host
Russell Chong....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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byFOX C, July 29, 2007
I just LOVE this show!I was even a member!I always loved Kangazoo,and I STILL do!Her voice was so kind.I own three tapes I got online to!I loved watching the show when I was younge!I was informitive,and very good for children!And anyone else!Wish I could of met Kangazoo in person!

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