Harrigan Featured (Series) (1969-1985)

Harrigan was a half-hour show written, produced and hosted by Barry Dale. Beginning in 1969, it aired locally out of CJOH-TV in Ottawa for 2 seasons before moving to CKWS-TV in Kingston. There, it aired locally for another 2 or 3 seasons before being syndicated across Canada on CTV.

Harrigan was a 209-year-old leprechaun who sang, danced, told stories and played his clarinet. He lived in a forest where every day Miss Sunflower delivered mail on her unicycle, Mr. Green dropped in for stories and Deblyn the Elf pulled pictures submitted by viewers from a pot of gold. Guests dropped in to demonstrate scientific experiments, dance and sing, or to bring Harrigan up to date on safety rules. Marilyn Yeates and daughter Maurine demonstrated cooking and crafts.

Also included were videotaped segments of visits to various places, such as a bakery, a cheese factory, or a fire station.

The leprechaun character made his first appearance in the late 1960's on the CJOH-TV children's program "Sandbox." On 15 to 20 shows, Barry Dale as a leprechaun read stories and sang Irish songs.

Barry Dale .... Harrigan
JoAnna Dore .... Miss Sunflower
Deblyn Gelfand .... Deblyn the Elf/Mr. Green
Marilyn Yeates
Maurine Yeates

Original Broadcaster(s): CJOH,CKWS,CTV

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I had coffee with Barry Dale today in Kingston. He was passing through on summer vacation. He is still pursuing his lifelong passion, music. We talked at length about his Harrigan days. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. As a child, I watched Harrigan religiously. He still has that twinkle in his eye, all these decades later.

I'm pretty sure that's him now...have no idea how old that webpage is though...
It may amaze you to learn, that after Harrigan was finished, Barry Dale went on to start a popular pizza restaurant in the west end of Kingston (then Kingston Township) which spawned a second franchise in the center of town.

If you're ever in Kingston, swing by a Godfatha's Pizza ... you won't be sorry!
byClick here to see the profile of this user bigpuck, April 20, 2008
One of Harrigan's best bits was "Kippy" the German Shepherd. He could do that for hours.
bytrish, January 2, 2008
I'm confused. I remember the tune but not the show. Back in 1960 when I was four years old and living in Ft. Collins, CO, we would watch the Flinstones on Thursday nights. It was a big treat but I would always have to go to bed afterwards, when Harrigan came on. I would go to bed singing "H A double R Y...." This review says it began in 1969. How can this be?
Owner's reply

nope. you must be thinking of a different show.

byGary kimble st. martin, December 23, 2007
In 1966 I was playing drums in the house band at the Le continental Supper Club in Charlotte North Carolina when the owner booked in from Canada a Sinatra type vocalist. It was Barry Dale. We had backed name acts such as Mose Allison and Anita O'Day and popular comedian acts, but never had we heard the likes of Barry Dale and his piano accompanist Shirley Price. Barry was an amazing vocalist. He knew every jazz standard with it's refrain and sang like Jack Jones or Tony Bennett or any great vocalist of the time. He did quality shows playing his clarinet and singing with the audience in the palm of his hand. $500.00 tuxedos and as good looking as any known movie actor, he renewed his contract for nearly a year at this incredible supper club in Charlotte. After the gig ended and we all went our own ways, I saw him on the Canadian TV show the Harrigan. I was playing in up state New York and wanted to go see him and say hi , but never made it. I have wondered for years up until now, as I am still playing in various jazz acts around Seattle and traveling with great players to this day, what became of him, and I was so glad to find him in these Archives. I hope Barry is still with us... and would love to contact him if I could... He was a great star and talent. Gary Kimble St. Martin Jazz drummer
byHank, September 23, 2007
I remember that show.... Geeez!! Harrigan came to Ottawa to skate on the Canal one winter and I met him there. A bunch of us kids went around the canal with him for a bit. Then a week or two later, I saw it on TV. A great thrill for a 10 yr old!! Cheezie show but fun!!
I remember Harrigan! H-A 'double R' -I-G-A-N spells HAR-I-GAN!
I loved this show as a kid and I have been scouring the web to find any pictures and general info on the show. I have recently sent a letter regarding my quest to CKWS in Kingston in hopes of some sort of lead. There are a lot of us that would like to see a Harrigan website!
if anyone has any information on photos please contact me at davedrummer1@gmail.com THANKS!

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