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Harriet's Magic Hats
Season 1 (1980)

1. The Hats are Magic

2. Disc Jockey

3. Dairy Farmer - Seven-year-old Susan visits a farm and learns that dairy farmers look after cows that give milk, making sure they are housed and properly fed. She learns that the milk is transported to the dairy where it is pasteurized and packaged.

4. Beekeeper - To find out where honey comes from, and to prove to Ralph, the parrot, that bees are helpful insects seven year old Susan visits a beekeeper. Susan learns how beehives are set up, how the bees make honey, and how it is extracted from the hives. She also learns that the beekeeper is dependent on the nearby farmer's fields to provide his bees with food.

5. Park Interpreter - Ralph, the parrot, sends Susan, the young student, out to photograph some birds in a national park. While there, Susan and her friend Mandy meet some park interpreters and learn that these people teach enjoyment and preservation of nature in its wildlife state.

6. Florist - Mandy is sick so Susan tries to think of a way to help Mandy feel better. Ralph suggests that Susan visit a florist to get Mandy some flowers. When Susan follows his advice, she learns how to design a bouquet, and how to care for plants. The florist also shows Susan that flowers are for many other occasions.

7. Garbage Collector - When Ralph discovers that he has thrown his bathtub in the garbage, he sends Susan out to retrieve it from the garbage collector. In the process, Susan learns how garbage should be wrapped, how it is picked up and what happens to it. The contents of transfer stations, littering, landfill site and recycling are discussed.

8. Grain Elevator Operator - Ralph, the parrot, encourages Susan, the young student to visit a "giant bird-seed tower" to find him some large quantities of seed. Susan dons a magic hat and discovers the grain elevator. The operator shows her how grain is weighed, stored and shipped. Different uses of grain (including birdseed) are illustrated.

9. Telephone Installer

10. Carpenter - In a panic to accommodate Ralph's country cousin, Sherman, Susan is rushed off to the carpenter to find out how to build a birdhouse. She is taken on a tour of the building site to see the various stages of building a house - laying to the foundation, framing, millworking, and finishing. Afterward, the carpenter shows Susan the materials and tools needed to build a birdhouse and Susan manages to come up with a finished product.

11. Veterinarian - Because Ralph has a bad cold, Susan decides to visit a veterinary clinic to learn about the care of sick birds and animals. While at the clinic, she learns about the proper care of pets - food, cleanliness, grooming, exercise, and the prevention of disease. She also is invited by the veterinarian to observe and assist in some of the veterinarian's duties. Aside from this particular clinic, which is a small-animal clinic, the veterinarian explains that there are other types of veterinarians - some look after large farm animals; others specialize in zoo animals. Back home she recounts her adventure and demonstrates her newly found skills by bandaging Ralph's beak.

12. Welder - As Susan and Ralph are decorating the Christmas tree, Susan finds a letter from Aunt Harriet which tells her to go to a special park to meet a person who welds metal together (Dennis Gallivan). The welder explains that his shop is in an industrial park, away from people's homes so that all kinds of noisy, dusty work can be carried on. Susan is shown a blueprint of a sled which Aunt Harriet has asked the welder to make her for Christmas. Susan helps the welder measure and cut the pieces of metal, and fuse the pieces together using the gas welding method. As they finish the sled, the welder explains that welders must go to school for training, and that there are several different uses for welding. Susan paints the sled and then returns to show it to Ralph. Ralph encourages her to try it out.

13. Artist - As the program opens, Ralph is pretending to be a storybook character who is in trouble. When Susan saves him, she asks Ralph to help with with a book that she is making for Aunt Harriet on all the community workers she has visited. On Ralph's suggestion, Susan visits an artist and learns how the artist comes up with ideas for drawings, how the drawings are enlarged and transferred onto the artboard, how they are colored, how the print is chosen and laid out beside the drawings, and how the final package is duplicated. The artist also shows Susan some different uses for artwork. Together, Susan and the artist plan a series of poster designs. Susan gets Ralph to pose with hats from the various community workers and then surprises Aunt Harriet with the posters.

Season 2 (1983)

14. Auctioneer

15. Farm Machinery Dealer - Jessie, a young student, visits a farm equipment dealer and learns what different machines do for the farmer.

16. Irrigation Specialist - In order to help solve the problem of watering the garden, Ralph, the parrot suggests that Jessie, the young student, visit an irrigation specialist. She sees a variety of irrigation systems and finds one that is especially suited to her needs.

17. District Home Economist

18. Sheep Farmer - Jessie, the young student, learns how sheep are cared for and sees how the sheepdog assists with managing the flock. Different aspects of wool production are featured, from shearing to a visit to a mill to learning about the formation of yarn.

19. Market Gardener - Jessie, the student, visits a market gardener and learns how vegetables are grown in fields or greenhouses. She also learns how vegetables are weeded, sprayed, harvested, washed, sorted, and packaged for sale.

20. Vegetable Processor

21. Pasta Maker


23. Make-up Artist

24. Airplane Pilot - Guest: Peter Sevensma

25. Dentist

26. Puppeteer - Guest: Ken Bishop

Season 3 (1985)

27. The Rodeo Cowboy

28. The Firefighter

29. The Mechanic

30. The Geologist - Ralph, the parrot suggests that Ashley, the young student learn about a rock collection by visiting a geologist. She discovers how some rocks were formed at the bottom of an ancient sea and how geologists use fossils to learn more about the history of the earth.

31. The Bank Manager

32. The Community Services Police Officer

33. The Baker

34. The Community Health Nurse

35. The Actor

36. The Computer Specialist

37. The Water Treatment Engineer - During a visit to Aunt Harriet's friend, the water treatment engineer (Brian Gromoff), Ashley, the young student learns that people need clean water in order to stay healthy. She sees the steps involved in treating water. Upon her return to the attic, Ashley explains to Ralph, the parrot, why conserving water is important.

38. The Zookeeper - Ashley, the student, visits Aunt Harriet's friend Alice, the zookeeper, and discovers how zoos care for animals, including those that are endangered or injured. She learns how zookeepers use computers to ensure animals receive a nutritionally balanced diet and feeds some of the animals.

39. The Weather Forecaster - Ashley, the student, visits Steve, the weather forecaster, and discovers that forecasters predict the weather using information about such conditions as wind direction, cloud cover, and temperature.

Season 4 (1986)

40. The Naturalist - While Ralph the parrot, is busy munching on seeds, Carrie, the young student wonders whether birds will nest in the nearby roof during spring. Aunt Harriet suggests that Carrie visit Carolann, a naturalist, to find out more about the outdoors. Carolann explains to Carrie the role of naturalists, and shows her the types of animals and birds that are common to the park.

41. The Photographer

42. The Newspaper Reporter

43. The Hat Maker

44. The Dog Trainer

45. The Paleontologist - Ralph, the parrot, digs up what looks like a dinosaur tooth. To find out for sure, Ralph suggests that Carrie, his co-star, visit a paleontologist. Carrie meets the paleontologist, Darrell, at the museum where he explains to her the steps involved in recovering, rebuilding and displaying dinosaur fossils.

46. The Potter

47. The Ski Instructor

48. The Hotel Manager

49. The Toy Tester

50. The Librarian

51. The Museum Curator

52. Behind the Scenes

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