Harriet's Magic Hats (Series) (1980-1986)

Harriet's Magic Hats
Harriet's Magic Hats, produced by ACCESS Alberta, was an information program to help young viewers explore future vocations. In each series of thirteen 15-minute shows, a seven-year-old girl, used a variety of hats from her Aunt Harriet's curious collection to introduce preschool, primary and upper elementary school viewers to a variety of occupations. The girl chose a hat appropriate for the occupation and the viewers were transported by various electronic devices and technical wizardry to the job's location. The girl had a foil in the puppet character Ralph, the parrot who challenged her to meet his needs. For example, in the first series, Ralph urged Susan to visit a grain elevator in order to provide him with ample birdseed, or to take him to the veterinarian when he didn't feel well.

Lynne Thornton .... Aunt Harriet
Sharon Holownia .... Susan (Season 1)
Jessica (Schonenberg) Owen .... Jessie (Season 2)
Ashley Bristowe .... Ashley (Season 3)
Carrie Cheverie .... Carrie (Season 4)
Frank C. Turner .... Ralph the Parrot (Seasons 1-2) (puppet)
Ronnie Burkett .... Ralph the Parrot (Seasons 3-4) (puppet)

Original Broadcaster(s): ACCESS, TVO

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