Don't Stop Now (Series) (1986-1988)

Don't Stop Now was a CTV Saturday morning program for children. The show was hosted by 13-year-old Steven Aiken and 11-year-old Susanne McGillivray, who undertook to relate to children primarily from the ages of four to eight. The show depended on input from its viewers, inviting the children at home to be active participants in the show. To achieve this end, children were asked to mail in their comments, ideas, and suggestions for the program, as well as their answers to various tricks and challenges that were posed to them.

The show included several elements: a star profile, in which children had the chance to find out more about their favourite stars, as actors, actresses, singers, magicians, etc. They also commented on movies in a segment entitled "In the Movies" which included clips from the latest children's movies. They also interviewed someone involved in the film itself if possible. Because of the popularity of music videos and of songs, a segment entitled "Kid Vids: Don't Stop Now" was demonstrated and discussed. Other sections included animal stories and inquiry into what their parents do. These program segments were procured from several sources, although in some instances original productions were undertaken.

Steven Aiken....Host
Susanne McGillivray....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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