Dale Harney's Magic Palace (Series)

Dale Harney's Magic Palace was a variation on Harney's original show, entailing the introduction of other magicians who teamed up with Harney, focusing especially on card tricks or sleight-of-hand. They teamed up on more spectacular tricks, such as disappearing acts. The series was produced in Calgary.

Dale Harney
Sheila Harney
Linda Lopushinsky

Original Broadcaster(s): CFAC

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Magician/Escapologist Dale Harney is perhaps best known for hosting and performing on "The Magic Palace" show.

Each week, Dale would welcome his live studio audience, and his magical guests to the show. Many incredible magicians, including a number of famous names such as Harry Blackstone Jr., Johnny Thompson, Max Maven, Martin A. Nash and Mike Caveny, to name but a few, performed on the program!

Dale's first wife; the charming Sheila Harney; initially acted as his assistant for performances on the show, but she was later replaced (both on stage and off) by the beautiful Linda Lopushinsky, Dale's second wife.

From what I can tell, Dale and his wife Linda are now retired from performing, which is a great loss indeed. I wish he would a book about his life! That would be great indeed! I also wish that this classic TV show would come out on DVD, so that new generations of magic fans could enjoy what was arguably the finest magic TV show of all time!

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