Dale Harney Show, The (Series) (1975-1978)

The Dale Harney Show featured Dale Harney (who also starred in Dale Harney's Magic Palace and Lynsky and Co.) with a magazine of magic tricks, social games, riddles and a segment, "It's a Fact," presenting unusual information from sources such as Ripley's Believe It Or Not or the Guinness Book of Records. The segment was without visuals--simply a graphic card with voice-over. The riddles were presented by Harney and the answer given after the commercial or public service message. A studio audience of children participated in the magic tricks and in the games for which prizes were given. The program was produced in Calgary.

Original Broadcaster(s): CFAC

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Well this is a blast from the past !!! I did this show with my brownie troup when I was around 10....If I remember correctly I won a Doodle Art prize...I would absolutely love to get my hands on a copy of that show...does anyone know how?
byClick here to see the profile of this user mbrand, October 25, 2009
It's about time someone has brought up Dale Harneys name I do remember watching that show back in the seventies up to around 1980 but it's a show I wish it can be broadcast again and Dale Harney is truly a unsung hero in Canadian television that he deserves to be a hall Of famer. Is he still living today? If he is let him know I was a fan of his show and he should do a documentary about his television career and his concerns of todays television.

Max Brand
byGord Symonds, May 27, 2007
The Dale Harney show, was one of the most well done, creative, entertaining and just plain fun shows that Canadian television ever produced. A studio audience full of screaming, cheering children of all ages thrilled to Harney's charming, witty and amazing magical style.

World class magician Dale Harney imbued his program with kid friendly tricks and dialogue, that still mananged to be entertaining to parents. His show was geared towards the kids but was definitely enjoyable to the entire family.

Following up on the success of "The Dale Harney Show," Dale starred in the wildly acclaimed and long running "Magic palace." Dale hosted and performed, initially with his first wife Sheilla Harney, and the show featured some of the greatest magicians in the world as guests. From Harry Blackstone Jr. to John Thompson, to Martin A. Nash, the cream of the magic world was on display in every episode.

Mr. Harney then returned to his kid show roots with another inovative and entertaining show called "Lynsky & Company," where he co-starred with his second wife, the beautiful and talented Lynda Lopushinksi-Harney," and a large comedy dog named "Ralph," with a young Scott Imler in the dog suit. Imler had previously been Harney's assistant on the magic palace. The vaudeville style show was a hit with kids and teens across the country.

Dale Harney's television shows were family oriented, funny, and presented magic and illusions that astonished, amazed and entertained the viewing audience from the 70's into the late 1980's. He is truly a Canadian legend in the field of televison and magic.

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