Episode Guide - Camp Cariboo (Series) (1986-1989)

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Camp Cariboo
Vegetables - Shell games; refrigerator magnets.

Skits - Animation flip cards; campfire tripod.

Pairs - Playing the string bass; safe swimming.

Radio - Singing with a tape recorder; talking contest; radio melodrama.

Newspaper - Pencil tricks; morning dew.

Books - Books; bird feeder; comic-book collection.

Outtrip - Hiking trip.

Conservation - Indoor table hockey; solar hot-dog roaster.

Water - Pop-bottle band; shower; washing dishes.

Time - Optical illusion; rocks.

Signs - Semaphore signals; cow and elephant jokes.

Eyes - Optical illusions; campsite insects.

Maps - Electromagnets; natural wonders in the woods.

Potatoes - Husking corn; French fries; popcorn.

Working - Stilts; pup tents; campsite cleaning.

Harmony - Secret codes; work songs; land skis.

Machines - Dominoes; dancing dolls; posting announcements.

Counting - Counting songs; bandanas; hot potato.

Hands & Faces - Body tricks; tree identification; potato-sack race.

Spoons - Playing spoons; tuning fork; dictionary game.

Playday; Games - Balloon bees; trail games; camp games.

Mixed Up - Tumbler tricks; veteran camper.

Talent - Tuning a guitar; balloon tricks; talent displays.

Pilot - Homemade nose glasses.

Feet & Fitness - Playing drums; sports.

Food - Peanut-butter-and-jam sandwiches; favorite foods.

Boats and Water - Long-legged sailor; portaging a canoe.

Hands - Clapping hands; making puppets from peanut shells.

Names - Making a yo-yo; nicknames; moose calls.

Birds & Drawing - Bird feeder; drawing faces.

String - Skipping rope; roasting marshmallows.

Sounds - Radio disc jockey; theme song.

Flight - Rocket launch; toy parachute.

Weather - Condensation; camping clothes; introduction to the piano.

Insects & Animals - A beekeeper; bass guitar.

Growing Things - Computer graphics; exploring the woods.

Senses - Playing the autoharp; mystery sounds.

Numbers - Tricks; making pancakes on a campfire.

Transportation - Designer shoelaces; canoes and paddles.

Scavenger - Archery; holding your breath.

Scary - Fisherman's knot; finger crocodile.

Trees - Newspaper sun hat; tricks.

Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap - Lummi sticks game; juggling.

Puppets - Making puppets; backward messages to read in mirrors.

No Name - Shining pennies; making fire with friction.

Communications - Picking wild raspberries; berry ink; tin-can telephone.

Eggs - Boiled eggs; bacon and eggs in a bag.

Colours - Colour wheel; keeping drinks cool.

Hats, Heads & Hair - Hat tricks; making a Brazilian beetle; apple dolls.

Alphabet - Synthesized drums; intuition game; canoe-paddling strokes.

Cooling Off - Paper fan; homemade ice cream.

Wind - Paper airplanes; flying a kite.

Rocks - Toy boats; skipping stones.

Circles and Bells - Juggling; Mobius strip; beach-ball relay.

Light & Dark - Playing the banjo; portaging a canoe.

Detective - Underwater viewer made from a margarine container; coded messages.

Ears - Musical instruments; survival kit.

Boxes and Bags - Bending a spoon with magic; smoky campfires.

Teeth & Bones - Disappearing matchstick; hiking games; trivia tests.

Mystery - Fingerprints on a glass; camouflage game.

Health - Basketball; four food groups; knock-knock jokes.

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